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17 February 2009



Just wanted you to know, I got some inspiration from your book this weekend. I've had the book for years & I look thru it every so often to get ideas. I had a three day weekend & was great to use the extra time off from work to craft.


Oh yes...we totally understand. Waking up at 3 AM want to go create the thoughts that are flying around in my head...yet..I NEED sleep.lol. I love your "small things" Laurie

Cindy Ericsson

So many things I want to try, so many big projects I want to take on as well, so much life to be lived every day! It's a good problem to have, I guess, because at least this way I'm connected to the world. I've been thinking a lot lately about how to take the small things and combine them into a bigger thing (like a quilt) so that I can make-it-up-as-I-go-along.

Jennifer Stone

I totally understand where you're coming from! I've got so many ideas running through my head right now, but don't have time to do anything about it! Today I've got to deal with taxes, paying bills and cleaning the house.Oh well, maybe sometime soon.......


I Love your Art. Its very inspirational. I really enjoyed your post too. I have so many things that pull at me from my art room and working full time its hard to get to them. I do try to work on little things too. I ready on another post that you live in Tennesse. I live in Tn too. A little west of Nashville.
I will be back to enjoy the eye candy at your blog!

Lori S.

Oh Rebecca I totally get that!! I have 4 children and I do believe it is way worse to have the pull and the need and not have the time :( But little things are good. I have been doing that too. At least I have a few little minutes! Take care! Hope it's not too much longer before you can really dig in!


small or big it's all worth coming over to say hey, and joining in the positive.xo



And I thought I was alone in my crazy behavior :) I have found that my Art Journal is the perfect place for the times when I can only sneak 10 minutes in my studio. I just doodle down all those ideas in my head so when I have an hour to create I just go back and look what I had in mind. YES, I can fill one of my Art Journals in just a few weeks. :) Love your blog and will be back for more.

kristen robinson

This post is so perfect as I am right there with you, I feel as though the well is runing over with ideas and I cannot find the time to focus on any of them. It is always comforting to hear I am not alone in these feelings. Have a lovely week.

Modern Crush

Amen to that!


Doesn't it sometimes feel like your studio is a very large, powerful magnet, and you are this lovely piece of silver being drawn towards it? Nearly a physical pull, at times, but the kids seem to have the power to break the magnetism.

Alison Gibbs

I think we have all been there!!
Life sometimes has a way of 'getting in the way'


your small things are still wonderful. hope you get the time you need.

Michelle Palmer

I LOVE your small things...and relate~ I smile at the end of the day...car is finally parked & the engine has had time to cool! Kids are finished with homework, extras & "woops! I forgots" :) It is all good, like you~ thankfully...the studio will be there tomorrow...even if for some more small things~
Wishing you a wonderful week!

andra hepler

oh yeah, i so understand,
smiles, andra


Wow...we are both in the same place right now! So many project ideas, not enough time...

Karen B

This is my first time to visit your blog. I absolutely LOVE your art work. Even the little pieces, if that's all you have time for, it's still fabulous!


I'm there with you and TOTALLy understand. Small things can end up being the best things when you gather them all together.
Sigh....my journal of ideas continues to grow!

Sally Smith

Wow. I do understand. Four of my grandchildren showed up for a visit with their mother (my son is working) with only 2 1/2 day's notice. They have stayed a week and I have another child coming the same day they are leaving and I haven't been able to create for over a WEEK and it won't be for another 4 days until I do! I'm feeling incomplete. Yes, I do love my family and miss them when they are not there, but I'm a "must create" type person and I'm missing it. On another note, I adore your creations. Every piece is a jewel! You are a great source of inspiration to me and I gain peace in viewing your works. Thanks for taking the time to blog. Sally


Thank you SO much for posting
this. I'm a few days behind...I'm
catching up with your posts. This
one really stuck out for me because
I am most definitely in that stage
of life when there's a lot of "boiling
and burning" going on inside. I
truly appreciate the fact that you
have chosen to do "small projects"
to help appease the appetite. I think
that's what I must do as well. Thank
you again.

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