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20 February 2009


Leah C

Don't like science much, either...but it makes for wonderful art:)


That's the first time I've ever looked at anything related to science and smiled. Very pretty. :)

Julie B.

Rebecca, I love your "Science Art"! You would have won first place at the Science Fair for construction and content! If you want to learn how to at least like science read Dava Sobel, she's a science writer! She's written "Longitude", "The Planets" and "Galileo's Daughter"! She's a wonderful writer!


This is beautiful. I'm finding your work so inspiring lately. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts through your blog.


i am not a big fan of science or math for that matter!
it's great to see you are using your "right brain" to make beautiful art with all that "left brain stuff"!


E=the minus of}=the%devided by the> part of[*]...back at ya with the blessed weekend. Joy joys.


i have enjoyed looking at your space and the art here ...knew I really liked it with this post...math and I are not friends! ELK


We do science when we create,,cook,,so many other things,,,as artist we are on a different plane with it though. It is fun to know how things work,,,like that show "How It's Made" I think that is the name.
Your Work is Wonderful!
Have a Happy Weekend!


Oh, I hate Science too (and it's Science fair time for Jarvis - who happens to love science more than life itself - fun for me!). :) I love the test tubes. :)


i am totally inspired by your writings , art and photos every time you blog-thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such beauty with us all!!! hope your day is blessed! ann-marie

Alison Gibbs

Oh ... how I hated science at schhol. It just didn't make 'sense' to me!!


I hope your have had a great week-end. We celebrated my Mom's 80th birthday today. We made some St. Paddy ATCs for a swap she is hosting. Love you test tubes and what a find you got with the composition book.

debbie schramer

your blog is wonderful. so creative. i just am so inspired by the beauty that you share. i would love for you to visit my blog, too. thanks so much for brightening my day!!


Love this post and it has inspired me! I love science but it did scare me...so much so that when I was to go off to college I changed my major from Marine Biology to...Business...what a whimp! But you have inspired me to dig out my old chemistry notebook...wonderfully handwritten notes...and make a piece of art with it. Something that will empower the women in me now...I'm no longer a scared little girl! I'll keep you posted with my finished piece.
Fondly, Roberta


I'm not a fan of science either, but you sure do make it look appealing :)


**sigh** I just always love looking at your work, Miss Rebecca. Please tell me you have a new idea/inspiration book in the works! You're so smart too....I'd look at a box of old test tubes and think, "What the heck would I do with these?!" Love this idea!


I admire your art, your small things are full of love. They are so inspirational.
But after reading this post I'm a bit confused. Do you hate scientists as well?

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