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18 January 2009


Sue K

A group of online friends have been doing just this - taking a photo a day and posting it for the entire month of January. It's pushing all of us to be more observant, to use our cameras, to learn our photo software. Love your inspiration - when I saw the looped fabric top, I was sure the inspiration photo would be the peeling bark of a birch tree - but I understand this, too :-)


Oh, how lovely and inspiring!


Thanks Rebecca! You did inspire me--more to observe the small aspects of life and nature. I've just started my very first art journal and loving every new observation and/or idea that is coming!


oh its just beautiful Rebecca!!


oh that is sooo lovely! It also reminded me of that really layered, peel-y bark some trees have, like cedars. I love the layers. Beautiful and peaceful.

Penny Pudge

No one understands why it is so hard for me to throw anything away. Your art IS the reason! I love your style and am so glad I happened across your blog. I plan on grabbing my camera soon and heading outside, but I will wait until daytime. :)


It's amazing sometimes how it takes
a camera for us to see things a little
more closely. This piece is absolutely
beautiful. Thank you for reminding us
just how important it is to truly "observe"
and realize that inspiration is closer to
us than we realize.


beautiful. I do see it and I took a similar photo just last week.

teresa atkinson

The artwork s beautiful - love the addition of the broken twig.


Hello Dear Rebecca...

You inspire me beyond words...the elegant combination of the wired twig and fabric pieces is perfect harmony.

Thanks, as always.



You are very creative and yes, I see it! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful work!

Leah C

Absolutely beautiful! Your creativity & talent never cease to amaze me:)


you amaze me rebecca,
i was going to tell you
2 posts back how... reason we love you is for the "detail".
Paying attention in general, every day, the sky and surroundings, all things,
i admire this. the best comes thru in
your art , for sure . there's lots of love poured in :)

Modern Crush

Just beautiful Rebecca!


You have such a totally original way of observing the obvious that so many of us miss. Guess that is the definition of: [artist:.....] Beautiful!


I really love how you used the fabric !!!! Clarice

Linda Richter

Beautiful, Rebecca. As always...I am inspired by your work. And...you used an original photo on this piece!!

Vintage Indie

This is beautiful. I've enjoyed browsing your blog. Have a great day!

Carolyn Peeler

Rebecca, you've been on FIRE lately. I'm SO loving the new pieces you've been making (and the sentiments you've been sharing). Nice to see you blogging regularly again :)


Oh, wow! That is just awesome. Love how you interpreted the pine cone. Such creativity!


Oh my! Such inspiration!! I'm a doll designer, and very new to the blog world.
Your work has so much soul and love...
thank you for sharing.

Shelley Haganman





Hi Rebecca, I love the layer pinecone-ish work - beautiful. I used January in fact to make sure I "Look for Beauty Every Day" - in other words to look at the details in life, the things that inspire and make our hearts leap a little bit. For the whole month of January on my blog I try and look at these details every day. I'm with you!!


I love this piece! I had to pop out of my blog reader to get a closer look. Beautifully done!

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