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12 January 2009


Dagmar leuenberger-Swift

Hi Rebecca;
Thanks for contnuing to inspire us in the blog world with your generous talent, great photos and a sense of energy that you can feel thru your pages!!!Your name always keeps coming up from many people that you inspire and in the magazines that I read.
Thank you,

Dagmar leuenberger-Swift

wrong http


Your work is amazing. Nothing like the little glimps to see what we really love!!


I just think your it! Keep us in stitches. wink.

so inspiring!!


I absolutely love the close ups. Your attention to detail is amazing...stunning.
You have serious talent and never cease to inspire me.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Absolutely beautiful!


Thanks for the inspiration. I love your stuff! How do you punch through something thick such as the piece that says "merrily"? I would like to make some journals using an old scrabble board and unsure of how to punch through.

Thanks again for the post. Always a pleasure to read you.



perfectly lovely


Just beautiful and such amazing detail. Inspiration is a wonderful thing. Thanks so much for sharing yours!


beautiful. I love the small flowers anchored by the embroidered 'vase'. You have inpired me to have a go at that, too. Have fun in the winter landscape.


Your work has a quiet beauty to it that is very gentle and inspiring. You've inspired me to create several pieces.



That is so lovely!!


Love the new banner(!)....and the trust detail.
Trust is my word for the year...so it's very meaningful to me.

Thank you for sharing such inspiration with all of us.
Dawn @ (4:53 am)

Becky Schultea

Thank you Rebecca...

Simple details speak volumes, and I am so very inspired by the ones you've shared here and in so many past posts - just lovely. I am also quite impressed with the concept of your 2009 daily inspiration piece - your out-of-the-box creativity moves and challenges me. Again, thank you...

Hugs and Blessings,
Becky S.

Mary Ann

Thanks for the little peeks.
I especially like the view of "grace" as that is my new little girls name. I love seeing anything with her name on it.


I love details. When we take time to notice details, we truly are taking the time to look. This is such a wonderful piece and I love how nature is reflected throughout the whole piece. It just makes me feel peaceful to look.

racheel brooks

Thank you for sharing your lovely hand made art. I feel blessed to be able to view all of your beautiful work


I like your new photo. ;-)


These photos will inspire anyone!
I LOVE your new blog layout too.
The hint of pink to keep us warm
these winter days. . . Thanks so
much for the inspiration!

Lorraine Lewis

Your work is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and very inspirational. Very creative banner, I love it.


All I can say is beautiful...
Thank you for making our world better and more beautiful with your actions and your art. Nan


I know I'm late but I just foud your blog from kims blog. Good work I love every thing about you blog. I be cking/from time to time I just love buttons also.


Your artis so inspiring!! I could sit and look for hours.

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