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29 January 2009



love, love, love aqua! your work is beautiful!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

So True.. aquamarine does have the most calming effect.

I can almost imagine gentle waves lapping upon the shore in this color... with waters so clear that you can see to the ocean floor.

Thanks for a little slice of serenity!


Aquamarine - tranquil and serene. I love all the elements of your collage - the buttons, stitching, bits of bling. Gorgeous!


Carolyn Mallin

Lovely work. I can imagine the clear water of a beautiful beach when I see aquamarine.


racheel brooks

What lovely work you do! I enjoy viewing your blog and seeing all the beautiful things you make. Thank you Rebecca for sharing.


So pretty! ~Mandy


actually, i'm liking the way you chose to lay it out, sketchy...with black waves, and not so soldier -like in rows...
leave it to you!
Aqua is lovely, and a fun word too.


Ah, yes...very tranquil.


Very peaceful and calming.


I love your photography. I used to do a lot more, and come spring, plan to pick up where I left off. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!


simply beautiful...

Leah C

Aquamarine...one of my favorite shades of blue:) Love the mosaic, love it, love it!


Amazing! I love the aquamarine too...it always catches the eye and feels 'right' doesn't it?


love that Robin. It resembles our Natal Robin. Most beautiful voice in my experience. Do you have his name?

Susan Elliott

Thanks for the aqua love. It was my Mom's favorite color and she passed away last March -- I've been making many things this year in this color -- my latest is here...

I enjoy your blog very much; keep it up!


Thank you for all the Beauty and inspiration and enjoyment you kindly share. xxx


I so enjoy your blog! Your aquamarine inspiration is BEAUTILFUL!! Thanks for so much for sharing!!

Heather Prins

oh that is just lovely!

Amy Dabbs

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring blog! OMG it's like being in a really great dream!:) Thanks for sharing!:)

domi (Paris, France)

I love your work! It's gorgeous!

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