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23 January 2009


mary w

It is 40 degrees here today-after the sub zero temps we have had for the past couple of weeks it feels positively tropical here(in NW PA )-I opened a window in the family room and bedroom to let the winter musties out,it is wonderful to see the curtains billowing in the breeze! We are expecting temps under 10 degrees again this weekend so i need to enjoy it while it lasts!
mary w


It is 30 here (SE Wa) with a wind chill of 22. The goldfinches, sparrows, juncos, etc are all at the feeders and powering through the suet to stay nourished. The sharp shinned hawk visited briefly, just to keep everyone on their toes! Isn't nature wonderful!

Becky G.

Here in northern GA todsy it's around 60 - so wonderful after recent days that didn't get above freezing. Like you, I love songbirds, and I have a feeder on my deck, about 6-8 feet from where I'm sitting right now. I have the goldfinches, tufted titmice, carolina wrens, dark eyed juncos, chipping sparrows, cardinals, brown headed nuthatch and white breasted nuthatch, chickadees, house finches, and even some downy woodpeckers and red bellied woodpeckers who regularly visit my feeders. But the biggie to me is in summertime when the hummers return and I stand at the feeders and talk and sing to them. (And no, my singing doesn't scare them away, although it probably should!) These colorful and sweet beings just make my days happier! Thanks for sharing, Becky G.


I do miss my feathered friends! Did you happen to make a journal with a bluebird? I can't imagine partying with those illustrations, but I know they will find good homes.


Our reprieve just end! It is very cold again. I haven't seen any birds or the little bunnies I love to watch. I think everything is a snuggled in for awhile.


Hello Rebecca~
We had a heat wave of upper 30s today...and tomorrow the temps will drop into the teens again.
I am missing my birds as well.
Your bird journals are lovely. You always have such beautiful things to share with us.
Enjoy your weekend.
Dawn @ (4:53 am)


Thank you so much for the beautiful
words in today's blog. Gotta love good
ol' Tennessee weather! Which "winter"
are we in anyway? Ha! I will take in
your advice to step outside and "breathe
deeply." I'll make a point to remember
to put on a coat and scarf! ;oD


Lovely Rebecca! We celebrated my birthday this weekend which included a long bundled-up walk through our beloved botanic garden in 12 degree weather. As we made our way around the winter landscape my husband & I both noted how we only heard one little bird the entire time. We miss their beautiful lively song too.
And I have a quick question for you: Can you tell me where you purchased your spiral binding machine? I'm aching for one! Thank you so much.


Hello Rebecca, this is a fascinating post; especially when I read it from a really HOT Johannesburg. Birds are a huge part of life for us - our garden has been grown especially to attract them. Even winters are so mild that they don't leave.
Last week we went on safari & sighted/heard about 5 first timers - a treasure to behold.

Thankyou once again for sharing your loves and philosophies - wish we could meet ...

All the best,

Michelle Palmer

I share your love of birds...and the tease of warmer temps that jump back to frigid! :)
Love to visit you blog...
It is a treat from the cold~

Lorraine Lewis

What a beautiful book. I have been admiring the beautiful journals you have created with those prize pictures!
I miss the birds too, even the devilish Magpies that taunt my own cats. (it's kind of funny to see that happen)

Rhonda Markham

Hello, neighbor. Ah! Sweet Tennessee--we can always look forward to those precious "almost warm" days in the deep of Tennessee winter. Just a note to say a friend and I ventured to Hazel, KY on Saturday and, yippee! I found a treasure! A very old Remington "Remette" typewriter--in it's very own original case and in beautiful condition. So much so that it has a ribbon in it and types oh! so sweetly! Haven't found a home for it yet but it looks wonderful sitting on my dining room table for now. Your journals look lovely...Rhonda~~~


Here in Orlando, FL it was almost hot yesterday and today, too, believe it or not. Yet I know we are in for more cold weather.

I am also bird lover. We have bird baths and bird feeders all over our acre yard and they flock here. Love your journals!


Our poor feathered friends are suffering from heat exhaustion, the temperature today and for the next four days is predicted to be over 40 deg C in our part of the world, down under. We'd love some of your cool breezes.
I love your art, it's really beautiful.

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