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12 December 2008



Reminds me of hard candy, I used to hold them up to the sun to see how they were made - to see all the prisms going on. Joy joys.

Suzanne Clark Allison

So simple, so beautiful, and always elegant...thanks Rebecca for another great idea!


love this rebecca...LOVE THIS!!
i know these ideas probably flow seamlessly in & out of your everday but i am always so inspired by the things you create


Your bottles look so pretty all lined up!

cari b.

It's amazing how something so simple and stunning really does say Christmas. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for reminding us to see the beauty in our everyday items.

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

I know someone else already said this, but....So simple, yet so beautiful. Thanks again for the inspiration!


Elegantly simple. Thanks for sharing.

We're also one of those "real tree only" families. Nothing can beat the smell, and I love the irregularity of a real tree.



I can't have a real tree because of my allergies, but these bottles would be fabulous!! I look forward to your posts - TFS!!


absolutely beautiful rebecca. makes me want to head out on an adventure today to find all the glass bottles i can.


Those look so beautiful grouped together. Thank you for the inspiration


VERY Pretty.

Maija Lepore

So simple and so beautiful in it's simplicity!

Karen Dodson

These are gorgeous!!!


Love the idea! I really like the simplicity of it.

Tammy Mellish

Here in Vermont, families with fake trees are definitively of the minority! We LOVE our real trees, and look forward to going to the tree farm every year! Your creations are gorgeous... love these recent additions, such a good idea! Happy Holidays!

Leah C

Very pretty indeed! I just love these:)

Melissa McCobb Hubbell

so pretty..!


I am also allergic to real Christmas trees...but we have a vintage silver tree, so we are definitely re-using that around us. ANd our tree was once some other family's treasure.

Anyway, I am always a little jealous of folks who have greenery outside to bring in at this time of year. In Wisconsin we have the evergreens in the woods and a foot of snow at this time of year. ;)

I get my flowers/greenery at Trader Joe's.

Thanks, as ever, for the beauty and inspiration.


Just beautiful and simple. Clarice


So pretty!


Those are very pretty~


: )


I'm in Virginia and we still have a real Christmas tree.....in fact we always get 2. Every year after they are first put up and I'm cleaning up piles of needles I swear that I'll never buy another real tree....same when we take them down. It's as if the needles breed. But then every year off we go to our favorite Christmas tree spot and then to lunch...just as we've done for 25 years. Your bottles are so inspiring!

Sandra Evertson

So elegant and just plain ole lovely! The red and white just sings to me!
Sending Season's Greetings and Holiday Cheer!
Sandra Evertson

Jann Saulsberry

So very pretty and elegant....LOVE this idea!

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