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03 December 2008



That is OH so true and OH so beautiful!! :D

Linda K

My goal this year is NOT to buy anything in the way of decorating items for Christmas. So far, so good. Just means that when I do have ideas that pop up and I do not have the right "stuff", I just remember my Grandma and use what I have. Works great and creates even more creativity!


Very lovely Christmas vignette! I agree, it's so much fun to give gifts but buying lots of stuff is so not necessary.


It goes along with an old saying, Use it up, Wear it out, Make do, or Do without.

You've given a wonderful image of what can be done with so little, yet look so beautiful. Thank you,


meg finn

So simple and lovely- thank you for the idea!




Hi Rebecca,
Love your new banner - simple and beautiful. Wanted to mention that you can also do all your christmas shopping on lollishops.com - it's so fun.
Love your post about the boxes of stuff and things - my son (10) does the same - so funny


I love decorating with old books! I just got out all my red & green ones this weekend and put them on a shelf with some anagram letters and a little brush tree. My favorite part of my house right now!

Leah C

So simple and yet so perfect!


Rebecca, it feels like just yesterday when you were offering last year's holiday ideas...time sure flies! I love that you're reminding us of some things we can do with what we have already in the house again! thank you.happy December.


Such a nice idea! I like the idea of using what you have or repurposing things. In my family we were encouraged to make things. Nice to see how many people enjoy making things.

Cindy (Junque Art)

Wonderful idea!


The handmade, heartfelt gifts are the ones I cherish. It is good to share in our "plenty" to brighten the heart of another. Thank you for sharing.

Dede Warren

I think we're all thinking the same thing this year... we have all we need. The only thing I really want is to take the time out of my everyday puttering and spend my time instead with friends and family. No one is going to break in and do the chores, they will be here when I return. Thanks for simplifying, slowing down, and showing us how good it feels... we could all use more of that!

lori vliegen

thanks for this wonderful reminder. my favorite gifts are gifts from the heart!


You are so right and your stack of books prove your point beautifully. I have been working to make some new decorations from things I have on hand. You can check some of them out at my blog. Have a great day!


Always such good advice from you, Rebecca!

Andrea S.

So simple and beautiful. Love it. I am with you on the "making do". It's so much more fulfilling to reuse and create something new and special from things we already have.
thanks so much for sharing, Rebecca.
p.s. I bought The Alabama Stitch Book, as per your recommendation in the SB cuff class. Oh my goodness, do I love it so!

Kathy Aho in MInnesota

I am so happy that I did this with my whole Christmas giving this year too. I have so many amazing supplies and crafty bits and unique vintage items. I decided to USE them and gift them. I also do Genealogy so many of my gifts were based on that as well. Pass it on, right? In doing so-- and starting my planning early in the summer-- I was able to make literally hundreds of gifts and filled the bill for everyone on my list. I think abundance is all around us. We just need to think on it and how to use it. My wrappings were all recycled brown paper from packaging that my workplace receives in shipments from vendors. My ribbon was 2 inch torn white 1980s seeksucker fabric --from my stash. Tags made form chipboard from the backs of scrapbook paper slabs....I could go on and on. LOL
Thank you Rebecca for sharing your creativity with us. It is so inspiring!

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