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20 November 2008


Tracy Whitney

You could be in trouble, Missy... blogging about your girl! lol
My girls don't read my blog, either, but their friends do! It makes me laugh when they see me and tell me about what they saw or read. One time the whole gang was at my house for a birthday party and I was -- of course -- taking pictures. One girl enthusiastically asked me, "Are you gonna put this on your blog?!"


that is adorable....

Nancy LeBlanc

She reminds me of a friend of mine who had a 2 drawer filing cabinet in her office - labeled - "top secret" and "bottom secret" - always made me laugh - thanks for sharing your daughter's secrets - we won't tell her!


It seems that everyone must be kickin' in to "snuggling in time" right about now! Story on your daughter is TOO funny! "Stuff" is just whatever whereas "Things" are specific items. I think. Ha! Too cute!


aaaaaaaahhhh, the jumbled organization has begun!! Too sweet!!!


Oh, I love that. Skips right past thinking about what it should professionally be labeled as and calls it what it is. Personally, I can never remember what I named things, so I might try it.

Personal Stuff
Business Stuff
Mom Stuff
good stuff :-)


What a marvelous mother you are to not peak in those boxes! Must've been hard to resist, but I'm sure your daughter would be grateful. And the labels are precious!

Chriss J

Rebecca, I was in Handmade Heaven taking your classes at Silver Bella. You have such a warm spirit and sharing soul. Thank you so much. I posted a bit about your classes on my NEW blog. I couldn't wait to let others know about your classes. I am so busy with the holidays, that I haven't finished my projects, but they are whispering to me. Where else are you teaching this year?
Thanks again.

Chriss Johns

Hi Rebecca, Forgive me if I mess up this post. I was in Handmade Heaven in your workshops at Silver Bella. Thank you for your kind sharing and enthusiasm for the craft. I love to make fabric books and will definitely incorporate your techniques into that media.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


PS...I wrote about the classes on my NEW blog...http://spoonjarchronicles.typepad.com/the_spoonjar_chronicles/2008/11/gracelets-1.html

Chriss Johns

Sorry about the extra posts...I thought it was deleted...I am new to this!

: )


I love 'snuggling in' in time. As soon as the weather gets nippy I head for the yarn and start to knit or crochet. This year it is a soft yellow chenille baby blankie for my niece who will arrive in March. It has gotten a bit more challenging since my son (who is 19 months old) loves to play in Momma's yarn.

Rachael Giallongo

Love the stuff and things boxes! You are a good Mom..... I definitely would have looked inside!

Karla Smith

Rebecca, I can truly relate to your discovery. I will keep the tickled thought of "stuff" and "things" in mind when I begin to unpack from moving and my husband mentions anything about my "stuff". My daughters have pick-up the same kind of collection of their own as well. They call me a mush...... but that's just fine with me, since I'm a sentimental soul and I see they are too. Your daughters have that nature you have given them as well. Enjoy your Holidays.....

Thanks for sharing,

Katie Galbraith

Too funny...Her own version of being organized...Love the color of the boxes!...Read about you in "Artful Blogger"...Will be visiting your blog on a regular basis...Happy New Year...Katie


This completely delights me. There is nothing so wonderful as the mind of a teenager.

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