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20 November 2008



Don't you just wish you could get inside there for just a few minutes and see what they're thinking in those wonderfuls minds of theirs?!


too darn cute!


Love it!!!

Jenny Doh

All she needs is a third box titled "miscellaneous."


Too funny!!

Please share photos of your decorated home with us!!!

Sheila R

It was such a pleasure and honor to be able to take one of your classes at Silver Bella! Meeting you, attending your class and then having the privledge to purchase your wrist cuff packet was several of the highlights of SB for me!

Aren't teenagers just great! Just love them!

Heidi Woodruff

Ha ha! I love daughters! In the end they really just mirror us, don't they? Heidi

anna aspnes

Ha. I could totally see that being Ella in about 10 years :)

Spotted Sparrow

Hilarious! And I totally agree with Jenny, she needs a 'misc' box and perhaps a 'junk' box to complete the set. ;)

Shannon Doran

Okay so I'm 21 but I would be the person that labels with stuff and things. You know, if I labeled stuff...and things.

Geralyn Gray

Loved both your classes at Silver Bella. I was cracking up with the boxes. My daughter is 17. She would do something like that too. But her stuff and things would be spread out on the floor or shelf and not in the boxes.


I don't often laugh out loud when I am on the computer, but those box labels totally made me laugh out loud! hahaha!!! So funny. And now I know what to do if I am stumped for blog topics - go photograph something in Brittany's room (because there are plenty of things in there that confuse me as well - that is, when/if I am brave enough to venture past the doorway). :)


how adorable. at least her "stuff" and "things" make it into boxes. my daughter may as well put those to words on the outside of her door.

emily ruth

that is so great...i love it:)


Oh my! That is so cute. How about a box for this and one for that! (smile). Hope she knows what goes where.


It was SO wonderful seeing you again, Miss Rebecca! I absolutely love my prayer collage and will think of you and Silver Bella each time I look at it. I'm so happy you were there again this year!!


I loved reading this tonight...it sounds just like you are sitting next to me on that sofa, crocheting that scarf...."gosh, I love that girl"....I can see you, hear you saying that. we would love her too.
seriously missing you. fyi....little miss organized here left 2 favorite shirts in the hotel closet and had to call/request that they be sent back to me. how did that happen? why weren't you looking there to tell me I forgot, mom? hoping all is going well with the adventure in Haiti. thinking of you all. xo


...the boxes are so cute!...i still remember seeing her with all her cute freckles and lots of photos and layouts with pigtails...you are so blessed...


I do love snuggling in this time of year. I've just begun learning to quilt so right now I'm spending my evenings snuggled under my first two quilts handsewing the binding. Last year my mom and dad spent the month of January with us. Mom and I made crocheted flowers one after the other. Sweet memory.
P.S. Just wondering if you will be doing your holiday thing on your blog you did last year. I really enjoyed it.


That cracks me up!
I have a 12 year old..soon to be 13...please pray for me.....and like the comment posted by Traci.....my daughter just needs to label the door. We might need to add the labels,
"wild animals" and "critters".
Yes, I do make her clean...but everything is made of rubber and bounces right back! :)


Hi Rebecca, this is the first time i have been to your blog....saw your stash from Paris and nearly wet my pants!!!!! Tried to comment but of course it was full......have just added you to fav's ..you sound like my clone, vintage chic....love it ...love it love it!!!!

Alicia Sharp

That is so cute! Cracks me up. Love her idea and at least she has her "stuff" and "things" organized! You have taught her well.

Louise Murr

SO cute about the box labels...so did you look to see what kind of stuff and things she had in there? I would have to look, I'm just that nosey. LOL Like when my son wanted a locked box SO bad when he was about 13/14 and I finally got it for him and I had to look, he just had rocks, pieces of wood that looked neat, string, playing cards (no girlies on them hehe), just neat little treasurers...such a collector like me.


Leah C

Love that story...and just a wee bit curious about what's in those boxes:)

Tracy Whitney

You could be in trouble, Missy... blogging about your girl! lol
My girls don't read my blog, either, but their friends do! It makes me laugh when they see me and tell me about what they saw or read. One time the whole gang was at my house for a birthday party and I was -- of course -- taking pictures. One girl enthusiastically asked me, "Are you gonna put this on your blog?!"

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