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10 November 2008


Dede Warren

and we cherish you sweet Rebecca. I keep hoping you'll update you Etsy shoppe soon, but I'm sure you're readying yourself for SB.


My daughter is a fellow E. Dickinson lover. If you ever get a chance to visit her she's at www.standinginthesunlight.blogspot.com.
I'm happy for Nanette! (just a little sad for me!)


i lovingly envy you that seat and that tree :) our (newly planted) young trees were a brilliant scarlet but the oklahoma wind blew the leaves away too quickly. this is my very favorite time of year. i am treasuring it.

Leah C

It's true, nature puts on such a wonderful show for us, and so many of us forget to take the time to watch:)


Oh Emily...she certainly has a way with words! Beautiful, beautiful tree.


Elizabeth Holcombe

Lovely. I adore autumn!~~~XXOO, Beth


Great giveaway, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing with your readers!


Hi Rebecca,

I saw Nannette had won, and I am Nannette, but I didn't get an email. Is it another Nannette who won your wonderful goodies?



Hi Rebecca!

I am so excited about winning. :) What a wonderful surprise it was to open the email from you. I've never been to Paris (or anywhere out of the county) so this will be such a blessing for me to get some goodies from you that came all that way. :)
I hope that doesn't sound too 'corny'.

Isn't it sad that the leaves are going away now? Our apple trees have lost most of their leaves just in the past two days.

Again thank you so much.
Hugs! Nanette :D


Oh that is gorgeous - just today I told my friend about a tree I saw on my morning walk - tiny little maple leaves, golden orange, dotting the sidewalk. Yummy colors!


Boy, I miss that tree and you! I actually have a pic of it that Brad took. Guess I will see it again Friday but not you...little miss travel!
love you!

meg finn

Lucky Nanette! I shall have to be pea green with envy for at least 5 minutes before being happy for her :0

Brittany C.

A beautiful tree to go along with a beautiful poem. :)

Heather Bradley

The leaves here are resisting change, just chilly enough to turn a few, but still balmy enough to keep the rest green. I am longing for a day when I can say, "Ah, its fall." But, alas, I fear we will have another summer to winter year. xo


Beautiful picture.


great colours..... loved yr blog


It was so much fun to meet you again and spend some silly girl time with you! I can't believe the Bella weekend has come and gone already, good things come at you fast, hang on and have the glitter ready!!! I hope we get a chance to go antiquing again next year, that was the best ever!!!



thank you, thank you, thank you..... you have inspired my life in ways you may not ever know............

I thoroughly enjoyed your classes........your preparation was extremely appreciated, your presentation was perfect and your presence was peaceful. Your light shines brightly. It was a pleasure to meet you. thank you.

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

I have come back by again tonight to re-read the poem and gaze again at the lovely photograph and your words. We, too, had just a lovely fall, and I hope I was mindful of the colorful display that nature gave us each day. Thanks to you for your wonderful reminder.


Love what you did with those bottles! My family has inherited many antique bottles from my grandparents...now I know what to do with them!

I have an award for you and your lovely site! Please stop by and pick it up.

Merry Christmas!
Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

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