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04 November 2008


Shelly in SoCal

So beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to the next installment.

jennifer evans

Glad you're back from Paris. Missed reading all your posts. You are an encouragment to us all!


oh my these are so so so beautiful!! I would love to have anything from these stashes. now i want to go to france too :)


Thinking of all the wonderful creations I could make with these. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds.


OMGOODNESS! Beautiful! I have always dreamed of Paris! Your work is inspirational!

Suzanne Duda

I love all of your vintage finds, and dream of going to Paris one day. I can't wait to see what magic you create with your new treasures!


You found a lot of lovely things. Can't wait to see more photos of your trip. I'd love to go back to France some day (it's been over 30 years since I was last there).


Wonderful finds...I'm completely jealous!!!

Geralyn Gray

I have always dreamed of buying vintage in Paris. Dreams are coming true. We're going for the New Year's. Can't wait. Don't want to win the prize--I am hoping you can tell me of some good markets to go to. I will be at Silver Bella--can't wait for that,too!!!!


Your little collections are such a tribute to the romance life offers.

Amy A.

You have such an incredible eye! What beautiful treasures you found.


Your little collection is a tribute to the romance that life offers.


I think I checked in with you everyday, kind of like "pining" for someone in the ole' days! I'm so glad you are back and LOVE the goodies you found in France! The sheet music and paper is gorgeous. Glad to see you made it safely.

Therese Bradley

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you create with all these lovelies.

Andrea Hamilton

je m'appelle Andrea. j'espere gagner!


Looks like you had a wonderful time in Paris. Thank you for sharing your finds with us. :)


Such intriguing vintage finds, both evocative and playful -- so glad you had a rewarding trip to Paris!

Leonie - Australia

How wonderful,I can almost smell the rusty, musty, papery smell of all that over here in Australia LOL! I can't wait to see all the treasures you will make.


What Beautiful Finds...Jamie


Oh my, be still my heart! I just love looking at all these gorgeous little treasures.

Heidi German

What treasures! And how lovely of you to share. :)

Did you barter in the flea market? Is it necessary to speak French? Just in case I win the lottery and get to go anytime soon. :)

meleen dupré


oohhh, i could go on a little shopping adventure like that everyday!!! thanks for sharing!!



My goodness, how wonderful!
I hope you find time to create and use all those lovelies!

Heidi Woodruff

Everything is so lovely...and then I read to the end that you're giving us a chance to win some of the French finds! Thank you!

Beth P.

What delightful finds! Thanks for sharing.

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