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02 October 2008



Wonderful images.......

Cindy (Junque Art)

Such great photos! I love the crisp air, orange pumpkins, yellow mums, and just being outside!!!

Maria Elena

Great pumpkins picture


Indeed, great list and beautiful photos. I like the fall colors and knowing that everything that is now is chainging tomorrow...


Well we love a lot of the same things, we also look forward to apple day. Clarice


Oh the trees changing colors! It's like nature's cinema and I look forward to watching it every morning while I drive the kids to school...anxiously awaiting the third and fourth scene!


beautiful pumpkins!
i love trying to find blue & white ones & of course, the famous cinderella ones too.
i love the fresh breeze of fall & eating our dinner together out on my back porch.

Tracy Whitney

Yay for pumkins! We live across the road from an apple farm and I love this time of year. Cider! Fall colors! Hay rides! Sweaters! Snuggling under the blankets at night!

What I don't like: raking - lol.

Leah C

Wow, you do have a way with words:) I do love autumn, but if I didn't, you'd make me fall in love with it!


The fall season reminds me of home - Indiana - I'm in Texas now and really miss the crisp air. I still love to decorate my house for fall - it makes me feel closer to home. I grew mini pumpkins and pretty squash this year in my garden - fun with the kids.
Love the picture of your hen - she's beautiful!

Louise Murr

Hey Rebecca, I'm in east TN so I love all the colors of the trees, the beautiful orange skies, the nip in the air, the quiet in the air now that all the jar flies have quietened down. I LOVE fall.


Cheryl K. Bennett

I call it the "Aaaaaahhhh of Fall!"

Love fall! Crunchy leaves beneath your feet, your breath huffing out before you. Chilly hands warming in pockets or stretched out before the fire.
that extra blanket, pulled up before dawn.
Fall sky that is gray with thick clouds.
Fall rains bringing down the leaves.
My favorite season of all.


My son (a senior in high school), his girlfriend and a bunch of their friends were here the other night making caramel apples. They had so much fun!! The apples were beautiful (well, the girls' were anyway-the boys went for substance over style:)). What a fun way to enjoy the season!!


Well...I'm first to say I dread the season, just because the Seattle drizzle is here. But I love those Indian Summer days we sometimes get. Those are a treasure. And honestly, today I turned a corner and the color of the trees almost took my breath away. Almost as good as the springtime blossoms. Almost.


I love your photos and have to agree about the warm glow at the end of the day. My daughter has always loved that time of day. If I glance outside and see the "hug," as you described it, I call for her to come outside with me to soak it up.


heather bradley

~the change in the color of the sky...moving from a tired, end of summer, dusty blue to a deep, bold and crisp blue.
~the crispness of the morning air that requires an extra layer of blanket and a few more minutes of early morning snuggling.
~the hot air balloons (home to the world's largest balloon fiesta here, albuquerque).
~socks! getting to finally wear cool and funky socks again!
p.s. love the new banner.


Your banner for Oct. is just stunning. I am a huge fan of your blog/art. Thank you. It is such an inspiration in my life. I look forward to saying hello at Silver Bella. :)


the smells emanating from the oven that I feel like using again...walks through crunchy leaves and afternoon sun to the bus stop to meet my child...washing the storm windows squeaky clean and storing the screens...the softness of blankets pulled up to the chin to ward off the evening chill...can you tell I love autumn?


I love how things seem naturally more cozy as fall creeps in. I love the changing colors and having a cool breeze waft across our bed at night. Last night I listened to the rain all night. It was so peaceful. Rain in Montana is wonderful.


I forgot to mention I love the banner. It's something I wish I knew how to do!


Ohhh, dang it, now I need to go to Starbucks! Love the list. Here in the Deep South--More Coffee selections-pumpkin, mint, cinnamon, mocha! I love the clear blue skies with a faint northern breeze which is blowing out that hot humid air. The sound of ducks, geese flying further South and the smell of ragweed (sneeze! Sinus infections galore!)


I love that orange glow of pumpkins-not from candles within, but that true, juicy, vibrant orange of natural pumpkins. And my Autumn yummy indulgence? Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Muffins. But I'll be stopping at Starbuck's tomorrow for that latte...


I just saw your name in my Country Living magazine that came in the mail today. Congrats! Beautiful pictures on your blog. I always enjoy it!

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