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30 October 2008



How perfect is that picture! Can't wait to hear about and see photos of your flea market finds. I'm always asking my friends, "why buy new when you can buy things with character at a flea market?". Enjoy your cake-baking day!


your artwork is so fabulous...and so is your photography. you took a bowl of eggs and captured their true, simple beauty. thanks so much for sharing all of your creativity with us!

meg finn

A giveaway!?! That's like offering crack to an addict! And then you had to go and mention cake...


You're killing me with the teases, you know. :D What beautiful eggs.I get mine from the farm down the street, and I must admit, it's spoiled me. I don't think I could go back to conventional. Free range and grass fed is my number, definitely. Yummy, yummy.

Leah C

Those eggs look so yummy:) Oh goodie, a giveaway!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Oh those eggs are beautiful! Love the different shades in them. Aren't the flea markets just wonderful in Paris. I too was short space and had to pass up a lot I would have brought home. Next time I'll take an empty suitcase just for flea marketing! Enjoy and happy autumn to you.


I love that you have little feathered ladies!! And...they provided you with such beautiful eggs. Congratulate them for all of their hard work. :)


I left you an etsy mail but wasn't sure if your keeping track of those at the moment...thank you, thank you, thank you, for your kind gift. I love it.

Violet Skiles

Thoughts of Paris, cakes and breads, delightful! sigh.


your life sounds like a dream!
lovely vintage shot!

Julie B.

Oh wonderful fresh free range eggs; give your girls a cluck and a fluff! And to top it off a cake walk; that takes me back to the fall school carnivals in days past! Look forward to photos of your treasures from Paris!


I always look forward to your posts...
You have such a peaceful place to visit.
Enjoy the weekend, Rebecca. You sound busy.


Welcome back Rebecca (here's the red carpet...since you like linen, it'll have to be red linen -faded of course with embroidered hems and white buttons that are so creamy in color that they have you sighing all over the place and we can't forget the confetti made from old book and music pages), hubby missed the bus today(I have to be at church by 3pm to start the food for Hallelujah Night), so when I get down stairs i say it sure feels like a pumpkin spice morning and he took the hint bEautifullY...so we both ordered the Venti size of pumpkin spice latte (my first and his third) and off we go to his work sipping PS latte's and me thinking about Etsy buying and other stuff that my hubby just let's me talk about(ya know, that stuff that he sometimes hears and other times ignores). Glad you're enjoying the rewards of your sweet feathered girl's. Happy happies.


The eggs are beautiful - when I was little we had eggs from our hens more often than the ones from the store. I didn't know then what a treat they were, but I wish I had them now. What simplistic beauty. Thanks for sharing.


You have my dream life!


Sigh... I've wanted my own feathered friends for quite some time. Hubby's just not ready for them yet. I'm still hoping...


Beautiful photograph. One of my neighbors brings us eggs from time to time. All unique in beautiful shades of blue and brown. Welcome home!


I've enjoyed spending my time on this site since i found it... it's filled with beuatiful pictures, stories, and warmth all around. I find it very refreshing, and happy baking:)


I just wanted you to know you inspired me to go get some baby chicks this summer. They should be laying eggs any day now! They are such a joy! Thank you for sharing and being such an Inspiration .



Oh I grew up in the country and now miss it so.... I live in the middle of Microsoft ville and dream of country life again.


wow - I want to live in the country! How cozy and friendly it sounds :) Can't wait to see your new creations!


Oh how I adore the country life! My only regret is that we recently lost our last chicken, I'm already anxiously awaiting spring to fill the henhouse again. But I shall enjoy the cooler weather and time to craft for now. And I'd love some French goodies to add to my wares.
Hope that you had an awesome trip, even a great trip makes home more precious. Glad your back. Juanita


I love farm fresh eggs! My grandparents used to have a farm and it was my job to collect the eggs.


This makes me so nostalgic for the eggs from my grandfather's farm in Southern Illinois.

Whenver we came to visit, he would rope us into a game of "Easter Egg Hunt in (insert month here)" and the grandchild that brought back the most eggs got the first cut of pie or cake at supper!

Wise man my Grandpa John

Annette R.

oh, what a beautiful gift your fine feathered girlfriends gave you, how blessed you are to have such good friends! I love the color of them, the pic makes me think of a warm kitchen on a winter day with the smell of fresh coffee cake wafting thru the air!! Thanks for sharing!

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