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27 October 2008


Petra Carden

Awesome! I love cozy socks. How sweet of your friend!! :)


Oh....those look divine!

meg finn

Gorgeous with those little buttons! I didn't even know I "needed" socks 'til now :0


My goodness, those are the pretties sock I have ever seen. You must float when you wear them. Clarice


Those are much too pretty to hide under a pair of jeans. They aren't mere socks, they're accessories!


Jessica Dougherty

those are the loveliest socks!


those are probably the most beautiful pair of socks i have ever seen. wow!

Cherie Wilson

The gift of generosity is so contagious. Thank you for saying "tag~you're it!" I accept. It'a always a double blessing of course! Thanks for your blog that inspires and enriches in so many ways. It's just plain fun too. See you at Silver Bella.
What fun that will be!!!


Lucky you, they are beautiful socks!



Julie B.

Those are the most precious socks! I would put them on and slide around on wood floors!! I might just add some buttons to the socks I have; not quite as lovely as yours, but they'd be fun nonetheless!


Now I wish I could knit. I love these.
I also looked at her blog and the aprons are so neat. I have been really wanting to make some aprons. But I'll never find the time.


Jenny Doh

Hey Rebecca. So happy they're a good fit and that the weather's just right to enjoy them!
Jenny :)

Morna Crites-Moore

These socks are gorgeous.

Morna Crites-Moore

These socks are gorgeous.

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