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24 October 2008


Leah C

Welcome back from Paris! Cute dog:)

Leah C

Forgive me...I neglected to say I hope your daughter's back is doing ok. Poor thing, "stress fracture" sounds painful to me:(


welcome back.


Bienvenue - so good to hear from you. I pray your daughter's stress fracture will heal and not cause her difficulty.


meg finn

Looking forward to the Paris photos! (stress fracture- yikes. She just got added to today's prayer list)


What a cutie (even tho' I'm a cat person). Welcome back. Hope your daughter's back heals soon.


I don't know if I have ever actually commented on your blog. But then you went out of town, and I had withdrawel symptoms!! :) Welcome back. I always enjoy your posts. They're like eye candy.

Louise Murr

Welcome back...Glad you are home safe and sound. I have really missed your daily inspiration.



Rebecca, it was a pleasure to meet you in Paris and to see your work IRL, such a treat. Welcome home, and hope your daughter's back heals soon.


welcome home. i bet you had a wonderful trip. can't wait to see pictures. what a trooper your daughter is. hope her back heals soon.

Cassie Shella

Oh that is just absolutely precious! Can't wait to see more.


Definitely welcome back. I do hope your daughter was careful in the game. I think it's great that she loves play. Hope for a speedy recovery.


Welcome home! Can't wait to see your photos from your trip. Your dog picture is WONDERFUL!! I would have had a hard time not stealing him and making him mine, too. :) He's got lots of charm!!


Welcome home, hope you had a lovely time! I can't wait to see more of your pics, I'm loving this one of the cute pooch!!

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