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08 October 2008



My nose is pressed to the airport window as your plane taxi's down the runway. My arm is now heavy from all the wavying! I'll be here waiting with everyone else for your return...we'll be sure to dust off the red carpet for ya. Joy joys to you.

Jodi B.

Have a fantastic trip!! We will miss you here in blog land.

Brian Kasstle

Have a wonderful trip! I will miss your posts, but look forward to your return and amazing stories and pictures(?). A faithful reader!


I love that you snuffed the imitation pumpkin pie smell and went for the real thing! So will your son! Safe travels.


have a great trip!!


have a wonderful trip!!! :)


Oh! Have a great trip!!


Have a great time Rebecca! You better share some of the pictures when you get back though...

Try not to have too much fun, LOL!


Have a wonderful time in France - soak in all the beauty of Paris - I think I remember reading that the courses are in Versailles? Eat a pain au chocolat for me!

Your family will welcome you with open arms and hearts, and we in blogland will be eager to hear about your adventures.



Have a fabulous trip!!


i'm sure you will have a fabulous time!
thanks for sharing a shot of one of your wonderful creations


I think he remember you more than once. Have fun! I'm glad you aren't taking the computer. You need to totally enjoy the experience!

Leah C

Bon Voyage! Wishing you safe & happy travels:) Can't wait to hear all about your time spent in France!


Enjoy this wonderful opportunity...and be filled with all sorts of inspiration to share with us!


have a wonderful, safe trip!!


oh, yes, your family will surely miss you...and so will we!! bon voyage!


Oh yes, my boys love fresh pumpkin pie too! Have a wooooonderful trip to France, can't wait to hear all about it.


I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful trip away from your computer. Personally, I couldn't do it. I'm addicted.

Tracy Whitney

Have a safe trip.
Now I'm craving pumpkin pie. With vanilla ice cream.


What an awesome mother you are! calculating but awesome! Be safe and needless to say take a lot of pics!

Kara Ward

Oh, what a dream trip...relax and enjoy yourself. I hope to see Paris some day. It is the city of artist...not the city of lights. Kara


how wonderful! look forward to reading about. I love your banner by the way.


hi Rebecca, i was at one of your classes at PACS 2008 at Paris - The Woman album...and i just want to say i thoroughly enjoyed doing the class and learning ideas from you. i love the stitching in your projects and am so inspired to do more of that in my scrapbooking. and oh, i love that apron you were wearing!

meg finn

Can't wait to see all the French beauties you'll come up with!


Anyone else wondering about Rebecca and as anxious as I am to hear about her travels? Rebecca, we're eager to see pics!

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