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23 September 2008



what an incredible place to choose.
we can't even wrap our minds around what life must be like for so many around the world.
my bid for your incredible piece
~ $100


I, too, want to DO. And it certainly doesn't feel like much to bid on your wonderful work, but I do know that in the end the money does/will help.

I bid $125.00

You are such a blessing and inspiration, thanks you so much Rebecca.


Catherine Scanlon

Rebecca this is absolutely stunning! THANK you for being such an inspiration to be a better person!

I'd like to bid $125.00 for this.


Rebecca, bless you girl. How wonderful and how needed this is--for so many.

::I will bid $160.00::


i am behind you 100% much love,Karan i bid 200.00


O, this is fabulous, Rebecca. Just like you - your sweet, generous heart, and enormous talent! I'll bid $250. xoC


What a great idea! I can't afford a bid but I'd like to make a donation to go with whatever you raise. Is there a way I can send it to you?

Heather Bradley

what a wonderful idea, so generous and thoughtful and a way to allow others to join in. i'm not in a position to bid, but love that you are doing this and will eagerly await seeing what the final bid will be. xo and peace, heather

Trish Kaiser

I think that an awesome idea -- I would like to donate to your final amount too....


I'm afraid my "bid" will have to be prayers of praise and thanksgiving for your generosity and for your husband's and daughter's safety during their trip to Haiti.

Cindy (Junque Art)

What a wonderful gesture Rebecca and a beautiful piece. I too would like to donate to your final amount. Please let us know how we can do that.

Jenny Doh



Hi Rebecca,
This is amazing. What a fantastic idea and a beautiful piece of artwork.

Catherine Scanlon

I'd like to donate to your final amount too, can you email me your address and I'll get check out to you?


this is so awesome!!! with goose bumps all over and a tear in my eye, i want to donate to your final amount also!! God Bless!


What a lovely piece of art, I'm not sure I could part with it! You have such a beautiful heart and soul Rebecca! I'm not in a position to bid either, but I will be sending prayers to your DH and DD as they visit Haiti! Blessings to you and your family.


It has turned out very lovely. I too would like to donate to the final total, if you are accepting cash, or check donations.

Thank you.

Dede Warren

I love this piece Rebecca, but more than that I love that you use your art to help others.



Bless you Rebecca for giving of yourself to all of us through your loving example

Jenny Doh


red tin heart

Beautiful post from a beautiful heart..
xoxo Nita


We have close friends who have 3 daughters adopted from Haiti. You have chosen a well-deserving group of lovely people to help. Thank you for your generous example of giving. A lovely piece of work you have created!

Deryn Mentock

Hey Rebecca, thank you for inspiring me to do something similar on my blog. God bless you for your generosity!


What a beautiful piece, a perfect sentimnet. Blessings Clarice

Petra Carden

What a wonderful idea. And a beautiful piece of art! :)

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