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23 September 2008



we truly are blessed, aren't we!
and God calls us to share our blessings with one another and NOT hoard for ourselves.
i will gladly donate some money to your worthy cause.
please contact me @
jenniferkinkade@mac.com with details on how i may donate.
love and blessings to your servant heart.
In Him,


I am unable to afford a bid, but I would like to donate to your total amount. What you are doing is so generous. Bless you and your family.


lovely idea. i too can only afford a few dollars - will you post something when all is said and done of how we can make our donations to the final tally?

Shari Frost-Job



Thank you! What a beautiful thing you are doing! I would like to bid $400.


Ooop! I didn't see that $400 was already bid. I will change mine to $425.

Anita Anderson

Great cause, Great art!

Anita Anderson

Woops! Seems I'm way behind!


This is great! I will change mine to $475.

Anita Anderson

Wonderful idea! $400.00


Oh dear, I am not sure if Anita meant to raise her bid to more than mine or not. If she actually meant to post $500, then I will raise mine to $525.


What an incredible thing you are doing! My dd's birthday, Sweet Sixteen, is latter this month and instead of gifts she is asking for donations to send to Haiti, through Compassion International. She went to Student Life Camp, at Covenant College, this summer and Compassion International was there and told the youth about the nees in Haiti. Her heart went out to the children there and that is where she came up with the idea. I am going to post more about it on my blog Monday. If anyone would like to donate through her party you can contact me on my blog.


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