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25 September 2008



What a beautiful idea, I will be sending something...much as I love the artwork, I can't bid on that! Thank you for giving us a way to 'walk the walk' today...

Cindy (Junque Art)

Rebecca this a wonderful thing you and your family are doing! Thanks for reminding us how blessed we are!


Girl, you could blog about scrubbing the grout in your bathroom shower's tile and we'd all still think you were the coolest thing since sliced bread! Love your artwork for this particular cause and love that you realize you can make a difference if you invite a few friends over and put your minds to it. Thanks for being an inspiration and sharing whatever happens to be in your heart!

kelly henderson

Way to go Rebecca --you go girl, you go... I say stray all you want when it's about the really important stuff!
Have a lovely weekend.

Leah C

In your own words "it's all good"...thank you for being an inspiration once again!


switch gears whenever you like, it is your blog. $375 - that's wonderful. i hope it keeps going up!!


you know i love it when you switch gears....
maybe a printed form of your inspirations will come out soon--wink!


Hi Rebecca, wanted to let you know that my hubby purchased a journal for me on Friday evening...however something happen? he clicked on the one I wanted (the gameboard journal no 2), but it's showing the other NO. 2 can this be fixed? I'll go back in to see if I can fique out the convo thingy. thanks.


THANKS for the address Rebecca, I'll send it there!! Have a good weekend!


Thank you for the address. I appreciate the opportunity to make a bit of an effort towards this good cause.


How wonderful of you. It's okay to stray, we can see another side of you. This is truly a good cause.


Thank you for the address! Will send a check today. At times like these, when the world seems so uncertain, I think it's more important than ever to keep the good energy flowing by continuing to open up and give.

And on the switching gears front -- I love having things switched up! We're here (at least I am -- but I suspect many, many of your other readers are too) because you are an inspiration artistically, personally and professionally. I love getting to read/see multiple sides of you through your blog!


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