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19 September 2008



Listening, to really "listen" is a hard thing to do. We want to share so much, we talk so much that often we miss out because we haven't trained ourselves to "listen" -- not just "hear" but "listen".

Cindy (Junque Art)

Thanks so much for sharing your series with us!!! I really enjoyed it and it has definitely made me stop and think about some things! Happy Weekend!

lori jolley

I have loved seeing you little pieces or art and reading the thoughts they have inspired. It's given me some things to ponder. thank you as always for your sweet reminders!


I have really enjoyed this series too Rebecca. I find that I like to 'listen' more than talk which works out really well because my best friends are good talkers! Often when you are quite though it can be misconstrued that you are stuck up etc. Guess there has to be a balance of sharing yourself as well.


I so enjoyed all your photos!!Wonderful idea! Laurie


WOW! I really enjoyed your series.......how wonderful and so true........we need to just stop and do all of those things..thanks for your insight and making me ponder about myself more also this week.....thank you.

Heather Bradley

i have loved these posts...a little tidbit to think about each day...thank you. xo


what a beautiful series! each day, you touched my heart with something new...and i think that my heart was waiting for today's entry of "listen". yes, listen, don't just wait to talk.

thank you for your beautiful insight and fabulous artwork.


I loved this series! Beautiful to look at and something to think about!
Have a great weekend! karen...


these have been lovely posts

the suspense is killing me!


these have been lovely posts

the suspense is killing me!


Oh this series inspires me to bring out more fabric, needle and thread. I also love the little metal word plates. How are you making these? thank you!

Nina Quinones

Please continue with your series... these have been so revealing, such needed words, so resounding. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Karin B

what an amazing series this has been, you are truly gifted and blessed with the life you live!

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