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08 September 2008


Dede Warren

Not only do you do beautiful work Rebecca, but I so appreciate your genuine spirit and grace. I also appreciate your thoughts on conveying a positive message into our work, something I agree wholeheartedly with. Thanks for sharing!


oh my goodness!! I LOVE this !! oh I cant wait to see what you put up for the next few days!!

Leah C

A beautiful, beautiful piece of your creativity! Once again, thank you for the inspiring words:)


I love your work it inspires and uplifts a tired soul

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

"Gather" - I like that! Can't wait to see the rest of your inspiring words.

By the way, you have a post from several days ago that seems to be "stuck" in Google Reader. Do you know anything about that? Reader constantly shows you have 1 new post, but when you click on it nothing appears.


MMM..."gather" makes me think of fall. and family. And late afternoon walks with babes now that the weather is slowly starting to cool...they are rather taken with the hidden pumpkin patch at the end of the road in the farmer's field.

What a delight it has been to discover all the "secrets" hidden in your "Secret Journal"...even my husband was quite taken with it. You should definitely do more of these...I have a few envious friends that might be persuaded. :D Have a wonderful week!

Missy Sue

I love the word "gather". Makes me think of holidays and family and friends, apple cider and nutmeg! It would be nice to have those "gathering" moments more often! Love your blog!

Teresa Sheeley

Hi Rebecca,
It's amazing you should mention "gather", I just posted about this magical word yesterday and used it in a piece of my art. :) You art is always inspiring and touching. Thank you!


Alissa Millsap

thank you so much for your inspiring words! what a lovely word for the up coming season of harvest....


I've been loving this project of yours, and this is my favorite image so far. I love the word, gather, and the word grace....something that you seem to bring to all that you do.

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