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03 September 2008


ruth rae

A few days ago I was over at stampingtion visiting Jenny dho and she has two of your aprons in her office amongst many stunning treasures, but over the last few mounts each time I droop by its always your work that I gravitate towards your details and workmanship is outstanding and your choice of colors and fabrics make my heart sing!

Each time I have held your work in my hands (or truth be told wrapped around my waist!) I ask Jenny… who did this? And then she tells me your name… and I say oh I must take a look at her work online… but each time I get home I get lost in life and some how forget to look you up…. Well this time I really did look you up and I am so please that I did!

If you ever choose to sell one of your aprons or have a small piece of fabric art for sale I would love to own a piece of your heartfelt art!

warm regards from your newest fan!



Lynne Laura

So love this idea and think I will need to do this too! Fantastic.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


this is just lovely, I found you by way of Pam Garrison...it makes me want to sew but I haven't a clue...maybe you can provide some instructions for us sew-challenged admirers? It is just lovely.

Kristin C.

pretty pretty pretty

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Wow. Unbelievably creative and beautiful!


A wonderful piece. Its so pretty. So glad I found you via pam. : )

robin dudley-howes

What a beautiful blog and all that is inside...robin


Fantastic eye candy!Oh my-what a great piece!!

janet clare

that is a wonderful idea. You should make a quilt.


Hey Rebecca,

What a funny post and a great idea. I too work in corporate America and I'm good at what I do but am much better at creating pretty things.

I like the term "swipe file". I do this too but call it my inspiration file. I have all kinds of pictures I've torn from magazines or little sketches I've made. Just looking at it makes me happy and gets me all excited to start a new project!

Thanks for sharing your pretty piece.

jenny holiday

Oooooh this is just soooo outta control fantastic!!! I could stare at it alllll day!!! So so so wonderful!!!

You truly knock socks off!!!

Happy New Year!
xoxo Jenny


Well, I think it's a beautiful piece of art all on it's own!

Claudia Small

Beautiful, Rebecca. You've inspired me again to start on the two samplers I've purchased from you. Wish me luck!

Cinderella Patch

What a wonderful idea!! you can work on several ideas at the same time working this way. I'll have to try it too.

Cinderella Patch

Hi there,
Found you via pinterest and I love love love your work. I haven't even gone to explore the rest of your blog. I learned about fashion/swipe files and mood boards at work too and have kept adding to them ever since. So glad I happened upon your work!!

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