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03 September 2008


Karen Young

What a wonderful creative idea. thank you



Thank you so much for sharing - this is a lovely piece of art in and of itself!

Kristine xox

Leah C

Wow! Is there no end to your beautiful talent? Let's hope not:) Love the inspiration, Rebecca!


I work for a publishing company and my swipe file at work is nowhere near as creative and beautiful as your's! Once again, you've inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

kerry lynn


Rachel Saunders

its beautiful and such a good idea...thanks for sharing. I loved your idea of a little case for you to take in the car so when I saw a cute little vintage case I had to get it and I love putting all my sewing things in...so thank you for all your inspiration.


This sampler took my breath away when I saw it in Union Pier! So good to see it again. Beautiful Rebecca!



Love the idea of the file. I actually do the same and have different file folders for different types of creative ideas. I have one file full of pictures for paintings I want to do, one for scrapbooking things I want to do and some just for general inspiration. I also started creating some "collages" that are just storyboards of things I love.
I am still in the world of business and often look around and wonder what I am doing in this world - I know I don't fit there but for now it's what keeps me to buy supplies and spend the time doing what I really love -creating like you!!


And just like that, a great idea turns into a beautiful and inspiring piece!

Linda Manning Findley

It looks great all on it's own and it's a super idea ...... Linda F


Such a good idea. I'm sure many people have their own versions of this. I think it probably helps refill that creative well when we've drained it too much.

Patricia Eaton

Your idea cloth is a work of art in itself and may I say, very inspirational. I could look at it a very long time and will. Thanks for sharing! Pat


it's such a Masterpiece just as-is rebecca,
and so i connected because i do this kind of composing too~~
saving fragments of little sculpted tiles
that come together later/
kind of a "fragment quilt" i call it.
Love your worK! :)

Present Past Collection

Absolutely lovely.


This is just wonderful and what a great idea! Loribeth


stunning! thanks for sharing this Rebecca, totally inspiring...


This is a WONDERFUL piece of inspiration...not to mention, the fact that it is ART in itself!...Thanks so much for sharing..I am so glad I have you bookmarked in my Google...creative blessings, Debbie


What a clever idea! Little stitches here and there. I wish I had done anything like this when I was sewing the most of my sparetime, all the ideas that flew through my head, now forgotten. this is a pure piece of art! /linnea-maria

Marilena Stanton

Rebecca, in embroidery circles, this is called a "doodle" cloth. Uusually a way of experimenting on fabric before going to the real article. But also one can go back and continue to embellish.



Be still, my crafty little heart! My jaw had to be manually picked back up! Your work is absolutely stunning! The colors, the texture, the inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creations with us! You are truly blessed! Blessings!

Melissa McCobb Hubbell

it's simply wonderful..

pamela Garrison

so gorgeous! love love love this just as you have it as a piece of artwork- stunning. i hope i get to see it up close one day, my eyes yearn to soak up every bit. thanks for the incredible inspiration, i needed that. xop


Can I print this and share it with my class? I teach Creative Clothing class at a High School and we are just learning hand stitches now. I will give you credit of course and direct them to your beau- Ti- ful blog too, of course.


'Oh Rebecca! I just love it!

Angie from ScrapScene

Absolutely stunning - this should be a piece of artwork in itself! You are so creative, Rebecca!

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