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03 September 2008



Its beautiful - no wonder you find it inspiring!

Thank you for sharing


I SO adore this! Love the idea and the result!


This is such a good idea. It makes me think of the old 'stitch samplers', but so much prettier. I like how not only do you remember the technique, but you also have colors to inspire as well. So cool.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Who knew a swipe file could be so artistically lovely.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I also have been doing that for years, in my own way, keeping track of my creations,and others that inspire me.


Love this, Rebecca.
It's all good.

Tami B.

Truly a work of art in itself...wow!

Jennifer Stewart

OH, Rebecca...you have no idea how much I love this. How inspiring it must be to look up and see this each day. I have a few inspiration pieces, photos, color swatches, etc. but they are thrown into a bowl. I love the idea of putting them on a swatch like this.

Jennifer :)

Jackie K

Truly appealing - Lovely


Your stitchery is beautiful-love all the beads. Also, you don't give yourself enough credit-I think you took more with you from your marketing days than you think. I love the way you have really branded your products. Your packaging is so professional and good looking.

P.S. Glad you're back to blogging. I love visiting with you. :)

Sheila R

I just love visiting your blog! You are truly an amazing, inspiring and beautiful woman! Thanks for sharing.


That is awesome, really good idea to keep those techniques in sight for reference and inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


What a fabulous idea. Like someone else mentioned - it reminds me of the samplers girls and women used to stitch to practice new techniques.



COOL, COOL and COOL. Joy joys.

Heather Bradley

well, that is just a piece of ding-dang-doodly art all in and of itself! beautiful and great idea...now if only i sewed (yep, still haven't made that leap, sigh. but, i'm getting close ~ bought fabric, made paper log cabin quilt squares...) xo


Absolute Perfection!

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Let's hear it for something hand-made and beautiful that we can hold in our hands from time to time. (Even though I'm posting this comment on a blog on the internet...A little ironic.) It's the texture and the smell and the colors and the dimension...gets me every time.


In a word...BRILLIANT!!!

Carolyn Peeler

Very cool Rebecca.


WOW! What amazing inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing these real snippets of life and creativity.

Heather Prins

oh my that is stunning! I would frame it, lol. The art of sewing intrigues me, I just love the beautiful things you can do with a needle and thread and a tiny bit of fabric! I am awed buy your talent!


this is beautiful - what a great idea!


I had to laugh...I've had a file like that for years---only mine was called a snitch file. I used it more when I was in athletic marketing, but still have one now that I'm in educational marketing. I guess I've had the same thing for scrapbooking too-but it's more of a binder than a file!


What an inspiration piece... this would get anyone's mojo going! Beautiful as always...


Beautiful, beautiful creations! I'm so glad I was pointed in your direction!

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