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27 August 2008


Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

So good to "hear" from you! I was just thinking this morning, "I sure do miss Rebecca." {smile} Your posts are always so inspiring.

Jennifer Stewart

I love this entry, Rebecca. And that necklace is simply gorgeous. I love the quote, too. I treasure the moments where I have creative thoughts that feel as if they are original. But I also have this sense of camaraderie when I see a similar idea from someone I don't know, yet she thought of hers as original as well. It's the whole creativity connection. To me, it's not if it's original or not. It's the feeling that it gives you to create something on your own.

Have a wonderful day. :)

Carolyn Mallin

That's a beautiful necklace, Rebecca. Also, enjoyed the quote. Georgia O'Keefe is one of my very favorite artists. She certainly was a woman ahead of her time and her talent's were,indeed,original.


Heather Bradley

yes, yes...i think with technology its so easy to be influenced by others, but can you imagine vast expanses of time with only your own thoughts and the images of nature around you to inspire you (whenever we drive through O'Keefe country, i always imaging saying 'stop the car' and just getting out and wandering those hillsides just like i imagine she did ~ powerful to be sure)...i think we all have that kind of artist inside of us and we can strip away what we have been 'taught' to find a voice that is uniquely our own...that said...i always find your work fresh and original! xo...glad to see a glimpse of what you've been up to!


Welcome back! You've been missed. Hope your artistic well is full. I love being inspired by the things you create!

Rachel Saunders

I love that idea!!! Strip everything away and create from what you see and feel.


That's funny, because that's how I feel about you, Rebecca. That your artistic realm is so far above my own...
Thanks for being an inspiration


Very inspiring, both the necklace and the quote!Love your thought too-"that it's okay to create in a way that others do not expect of you", a secret delight of mine-hehe!


wonderful, rich advice!
i am inspired anew!
thank you!

Leah C

I really agree with Leslie...you truly are an artist, Rebecca! An original who doesn't realize it; you inspire so many of us!

Julie B.

Rebecca, you are an artist though! And your creations strike a chord in me, as well as others, to create! Your a teacher as well as an artist, thank you!


My 6-year-old often comes up with really creative drawings and collages, and when I ask her how she thought of doing something a certain way, she tells me she has a box in her head full of ideas.

This is the first time I've heard anyone else mention original ideas in their head.

Thanks for the quote!


I love the clarity of all the pictures you take of your projects. What camera do you use?
It is good to be reading your blog again!


I hear this too Rebecca. I hear it on the faces of people who see my created things and don't know what "to do" with them. I try to keep creating despite the reception because deep in my heart I have a need to create. I am unable to be whole without it. And there are those times when that one special someone encounters something I've made and they totally get it, they get me. A beautiful reminder that we are not alone.

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