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15 August 2008


Robbin and Dede

I could look at your work all day long! as I am sure many others could as well. Give us something lovely to gaze upon, and we will gladly respect your time with family. It's nice to have you back sharing your insight and wisdom.

Linda Richter

Oh, I look at your blog every day! I love everything you make, Rebecca! And the fact that you realize the importance of taking time to be with your family is one of the reasons I value you and your work so much.

Leah C

Family first...but you were missed! Love the fabric art:)


this little nest is exquisite!!!!

I enjoyed every photo & longed for you to come back. Thankyou so much, and especially for honoring the St.Francis prayer...


so pretty what you accomplish in your happy idling!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Have a good weekend!!


Moodling...,...sounds good. Messing around is gooooood. Happy happies and super happy happies to you and yours this weekend.

Heather Bradley

Yeah! I have permission to moodle...that's what I've been doing...not being an artslug, just recharging my creativity!
Love the nest-flower of bits and baubles!
xo heather


You never cease to amaze me. The way your mind works...your creativity astounds and inspires me. Beads, ribbon, cloth and 'snap' another Rebecca Sowercreation -beautiful to behold.

Alison Gibbs

Oh how sweet that looks.
Idle away!!!!


Idle time, sounds good to me. I knew if I stopped by I would find inspiration!

Jacquelene L.

Thankyou for posting this beautiful photo. To me it looks like a lovely fabric rose, my favourite flower. Thank you so much for posting this today, it's a very special day to me, my birthday. I love the quote I think it will inspire me all this year! I loved your photo a day posts, they were so inspiring.

I hope you had a lovely summer with your family.

Jacquelene L.
Toronto, Canada

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

Idling time....such a wonderful gift. Do we give it to ourselves, or does it just happen?


Enjoying the last, fleeting days of summer is wonderful! Idling time is time for creativity to percolate.

Here's a link to a project I made inspired by you

and another of an inspiration board with the directions you gave




Hi Rebecca,
Just enjoying my visit at your beautiful blog. I adore your work so much and want to thank you for sharing your priceless creations. I've left you a little award on my blog.

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