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20 June 2008


Tracy Schmitt

Rebecca...your posts always are perfect at the right times. Several months ago, you posted a quote from Rose Kennedy shortly after a friend of mine had died of cancer. I have another friend who is 39 and has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer that has spread to the liver. She has 3 young children and is in the hospital with a staph infection....once again, your post has touched my heart at a time when I needed it most. Thanks! I am drinking my coffee right along with you. God Bless!

Deb Gilgore

Truly, your timing and sharing of that poem was divinely inspired. I, too, was in need of that this morning. Have likewise shared it with a friend who is bearing much in her heart right now. Thank you, Rebecca, for being a willing vessel through which truth and encouragement can spring forth. Blessings and best wishes to you today and always!



Thanks for the touching poem, Rebecca. I echo the sentiments by Tracy and Deb above, as many of my loved ones have similar struggles. I raise my tea cup to you this morning :)


So, so true.
Thanks for such a thought provoking post...


Oh my goodness. What a wonderful poem to read with my coffee this morning. I had a horrible week. Thanks for posting the poem!! Laurie


Thank you for posting this, Rebecca. I love the line, "yet Hope again elastic springs." Hope is what keeps us going in difficult times, hope that better times are ahead, hope in a God who loves.


French Knots

Thank you, I'm a bit short on hope at the moment.A well timed poem.

sharon murphy

Rebecca: Our thoughts are the same today. I just got some pictures of my dear friend Shannon, with her children standing by her grave in Wisconsin. We all live here in Utah. She died at the tender age of 39, after years of mental illness. I am having a real sentimental day today, and your post is going to help me get through today, You are awesome. I wish we were friends! lived closer....


Rebecca, as the others have said, I read this at the right time. I thank you for posting it as I truly needed to read it...I'm going to copy it down into one of my journals now...
thank you and have a beautiful weekend.

Leah C

Beautiful words...and so helpful to so many. You seem to know just the right time to "say" the right words. Thank you, Rebecca!


thank you rebecca...i am currently dealing with the overwhelming & heartbreaking issues of watching my mother in law pass away with cancer.
this was a beautiful verse to read tonight.
you are wonderful

Beth D

Thank you Rebecca. I am going to write this down too. I have been thinking of making myself a book to keep inspiring quotes in - why not poetry too!

sarah the kiwigirl

Beautiful words and meaningful for me trying to mend my heart from the death of my mum...


You did it again! You made my day!
What a lovely photo of your beautiful project and what a heart-felt poem. Thank you for sharing!


You did it again! You made my day!
What a lovely photo of your beautiful project and what a heart-felt poem. Thank you for sharing!


You did it again! You made my day!
What a lovely photo of your beautiful project and what a heart-felt poem. Thank you for sharing!


I visit your post regularly, yet have never commented until today. I am one of those persons whose life has been short on hope. After 25 years of marriage, my minister husband admitted to me a long standing affair and left me and the children to marry the young girl he was involved with. Such a crushing blow to me, the children, our extended families, and the entire church. Hope that I had believed in all my life was suddenly in question and I honestly struggled with my faith in a way that I never had before. Yet, God is so good, and we are emerging from the fire as silver refined - shining and better reflections of God. It has not been easy and it still is not - yet I ask God daily to reduce me and increase Him in my life, and to remind me that there are always others who are in a worse place than I am. It keeps my eyes on Him and off of myself. Your blog is a sweet ministry, Rebecca - it is a sweet sound in God's ears, and I appreciate your reminders to find beauty in the small things - and that Hope never truly dies. Earthly love may be discarded - but God's love endures.


The poem is beautiful but the piece that you made is realllllly beautiful! Love it! You are so right about hope, we all need to be more aware of the people around us...life is not so easy for everyone and a little hope goes a long way!
Thank you Rebecca!

Janet Clark

Thank you, Rebecca. You gave me a beautiful reminder that life is worthwhile, even for all its pain.

Alison Gibbs

What a wonderful post Rebecca

Heather Bradley

HOPE is in the air these days! On lots of hearts and minds...perhaps that collective energy will reach out to those who are feeling lost and without hope.


That is beautiful, I love how your post has so much thought to it! :)


What a beautiful post, and what inspiring comments! I had news this week of friends facing some hard things, one financial and one health related. Thanks for reminding us again!


You said it well. What a beautiful way to remind us all to care about each other.


good morning to you...........and how delightful to read this great poem! and i so agree....life is short and can be filled with wonderful things or not! the alternative, unfortunately, is a dirt bed and it is forever! ugh!....i am with you....life really is glorious and let's not forget to enjoy it!
enjoy the rest of your day!

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