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03 June 2008


Sheila R

What a wonderful way to wear your art and vintage finds! Thanks for your inspiration. Just loving this series!

Alison Gibbs

Rebecca that looks fabulous.
I got my Postmark:LA book in the mail today. I just love it.


this is wonderful!!!

Trish Kaiser

Looks so "boutique" -- love it. Great job -- thanks for sharing.

teresa atkinson

I love this and I think I have just the top in the closet at the house.

Have a wonderful day.


what a gorgeous project...i will HAVE to try it.

Sharyn (Torm)

oh wow - this one is TOTALLY up my alley! Bookmarking this one special to do on a rainy day. I've got piles of vintage handkerchiefs and definitely a linen shirt or two in need of a makeover! Thanks for sharing

btw - I've been using my seam tape like crazy - still so tickled I happened upon it - I love it. thank you!


What a DARLING idea!


I LOVE this, Rebecca!


This is absolutely stunning!


Had i seen this in a shop i would have snatched it right up.
Its the loveliest blouse ever.
you are sooo creative!

Gabriela Delworth

Hello Rebecca,

I love this "new blouse", clever and very pretty design.

~ Gabriela ~


This is BRILLIANT and beautiful!!!


What a wonderful idea. I love it.

sarah the kiwigirl

Beautiful Rebecca! Got my copy of your book in the mail this morning - loving it, sitting here right now with it over my morning coffee!


This inspires me for similar projects! Imagine doing this with tapestry remnants and more!


Wow! this is simply brilliant!


I'm lovin' these projects! Please keep them coming.


Love this Rebecca.
Thank you.


I agree with Alison above - brilliant. OK - now I need to go back thru the goodwill bag and see if one of my donation items will work for this.
Love this series and your contributions to the postmark:LA book!


This is darling.. what a fantastic idea!

Dede Warren

You are the MoST clever girl. Love this project and the simple style of it, quite the little conversation piece!


AMAZING! what a creative idea.

Carolyn Peeler

Beautiful and innovative project Rebecca.

Lovely to see you doing this series again as well.



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