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17 June 2008



I am sooo enjoying this series of posts..
Did I say that before?


Oh well..if I did.


Oh, this is SO much fun, Rebecca. I love it!



Smitten with this idea. Once I get "busy" (think messy) working I am constantly trying to find my pincushion that is buried in the clutter. The minute I saw this, the perfect container popped into my mind.

Your work is so...you. I love that about you.


wow that is a big pincushion, but what a brilliant idea !!!! Clarice


Who says practical can't be pretty? It's functional, yet fabulous! :-)


VERY cool! Love the fun stitching!

Jessica Hood



Great idea!! I'm always losing mine so I made some little cupcake pin cushion ones, but I think I like the idea of a BIG and heavy one also.

Heather Bradley

Ha! That is one hilarious pincushion...I love it! Its more like a pinfootstool! LOL


I love this! What a huge pincushion! So decorative with all the colored pins! :D


Love it! You wouldn't lose that one and my husband will look at me differently if I say "I'll hit you over the head with my pincushion" lol

Leah C

They say everything's bigger in Texas...guess that's true for your place, too:) Love that pincushion!




What a fun idea!

Rhonda Steed


Laura Ingalls Gunn

This is brilliant! My daughter is a fashion design student so I think I may run with your idea and create something similar.
Thank you for sharing.


I've loved every one of your ideas!!!

Sheila R

What a great idea... Thanks for sharing!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I love it!!
What a good idea, no mistaking it for anything else that's for sure!! Very pretty!
I am enjoying your blog very much.

Alison Gibbs

What a fabulous pincushion


so clever!!!
i'll make one too ... then i have to attach the scissors to a chain from the ceiling so i can always fish them out !!!
then all my problems will be solved.... ha


That is so much fun! I may take up sewing just so I can have a humongous pin cushion.


i love it! although it will have to wait until my kids are older, LOL!


Wow seems like there is nothing you can't do! You are the next Martha for sure! Love the pincushion or in a whim pull it out for company- taking the pins out first! Really great ideas you are sharing!


Well I AM from Texas, and this is one pin cushion that I MUST try to make! It is just amazing! Just bought your new Postmark LA book, and I love it! :)mendytexas

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