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18 May 2008



You and your giving heart!

Denise L.

Hoping to win this wonderful set of blooms!


What a beautiful garden. It nice to see the colours in your garden. Outdoors is fun when the weather warms up.

Jenny Morgan

Love everything you do- your blog is always a great place to visit for inspiration and perspective!!!


Your flowers are lovely. We've been having so much heat in OR that everything is looking a little droopy. Would love to win the quote.


What an awesome adventure. I wish you well, such an inspiration.

Have a wonderful week.


Alice Noriega

Can't wait to receive my book.
Hope you catch my name for the giveaway....I'd love to be a WINNER!!!!


Flowers sing of resurrection and the glory of it all! Yours are absolutely melodic! Diana

Leah C

Beautiful flowers in bloom! Oh, I'm so happy it's spring again:)

Catherine Scanlon

Your peonies are gorgeous, mine just have the tiniest of buds that I noticed today...they usually bloom around mid to late June, oh I I love them!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn

The world is a better place because of the wonderful Mother Theresa. Just lovely.

karen benson

Oh thanks for another chance!! It is such a pretty piece! I cant wait to get the book, you are a group of fabulous artists!
karen b...

karen benson

Oh thanks for another chance!! It is such a pretty piece! I cant wait to get the book, you are a group of fabulous artists!
karen b...


I bet that book is wonderful! Can't wait to get my hands on a sweet copy! Maybe soon when I get some moolah! Your work is fabulous! Love it!

Valarie aka creativity

Love your crafty postcards! Please throw my name in : )

Lorna Mackinnon


Leonie - Australia

Your garden looks really beautiful Rebbecca, we are going into our winter in Australia so my flowers are nearly finished until spring so it is nice to see photos of all your flowers in bloom.


I've already placed my order for the book and am looking forward to it's arrival with much anticipation. I can't wait to get it in my hot little hands...it looks amazing! And why wouldn't it be, with all my favorite artists contributing to it?!

Michelle Sanchez

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful site and now this new book that I can't wait to see! I think it will be a great success!! Michelle


i can't wait to get my book!!!
beautiful flowers


Loved the photos of the fleurs - love fleurs... love giveaways too... LindaSonia


Your flowers are beautiful! My daylilies are just starting to bloom but they are not nearly as gorgeous as your garden. My husband will kill me when I tell him we have to rework a flower bed, lol.


Yes, life is bursting at the seams up here in Vancouver BC also. Hubby and I strolled around the garden on the weekend and discussed what to do with each border. We moved in here last August and are getting acquainted with what's planted where. The previous residents were gardeners and I'm trying to guess what everything is by its leaves.

Congratulations on your book success!


thanks for all your inspiration...

Ava in WH

one of my favorite quotes so beautifully collaged! and such gorgeous flowers!

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