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02 May 2008



Paint his toe nails while he's asleep! Like the curtain idea. What a hoot.


I laughed so hard at this post!!!


I think the best response is to tell him that you love the look so much that you'll be keeping his hat right. there. forever.

Cindy (JunqueArt)

oh my goodness...i'm laughing so hard only because my hubby would so do something like that! i'm so glad to know that i'm not the only one with a hubby who likes to aggravate just because he can!

Tracy Whitney

Yep - my DH would SO do that!


He's definitely got a quirky sense of humor...I think he definitely needs frillies in his macho shop! Thanks for the laugh!

Corina Syanovitz

LOL!!! You SHOULD hang pretty frilly curtains in his workshop - I'd LOVE to see that pic! haha!


I have to agree that is funny


Exactly the sort of thing my husband does. Except he puts his stuff on my antique chair.


I think every now and then they just feel the need to make some sort of statement like that! my poor biker husband lives in a sea of pink.. and suffers there so well! He has his barn though.. (God what a disaster area!) My family purposely will move a piece that I have set out or add something, to see how long it takes me to realize that somethings out of order! Your husbands hat I would notice right away!
great picture though!
vivian neroni

Sarah Keith

too funny!


LOL... just dropped by from Pam's blog. Men will be men!


LOL... just dropped by from Pam's blog. Men will be men!


Oh my gosh..this is too funny! I have been dealing with nearly the same thing since last weekend.....I posted a pic on my blog, if you want to check it out!!!


OOPS! the pic won't show up until tomorrow afternoon........

Heidi Woodruff

some how writing "LOL" just doesn't show you what I'm doing right now!

hahahhaha my husband (of 27+ years) would have done the same thing. they're all alike, you know... still laughing

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