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29 May 2008


teresa (maggiegracecreates)

Love this series. As I have been cleaning and sorting for my move into the studio, have have found a huge amount of stunk = stash + junk. I can't wait for the next session.


Lovely idea Rebecca! Thanks so much for the inspiration...it reminds me of when you had this kind of idea series for the holidays... I think we all need reminding to use what we already have. It's so easy to always want to run out and buy, but so much more creative to hunt around the house to come up with something.
Have a great day! xo natalea


I love how this "junk" is pulled together and made to look so beautiful! What is your secret to closing your jump rings so perfectly?


ohh, i have so many rusty odds and ends that I haven't been able to toss or find a use for. wait till you see mine!


What a wonderful idea! Can't wait to get started on mine!


The battery is now re-charged so I can multi task taking the dog for a walk and taking a picture of the MAIN PARTS I'm going to put together...i have my wedding crystal somewhere (I hope I still have it!), after 25 years it started to get chips in it and one of the pieces finally broke...it's now past the 28th year and I hope I didn't throw it out when we moved. Happy happies.

Therese Bradley

Ok, I just threw an old lock away. That will teach me not to purge! Ha! My mom did something like this in the 70's. She used a piece of driftwood as the support and hung old spoons and forks from it. In another piece she used old electric pole insulators, the ones that were long and skinny and ceramic, and hung them from an old rusted gear cog. Thanks for the post. It fired up these fun memories of her.


Yeah...i'm with ya...so sweet..busy packing for a big move...my daughter in Texas ordered (arrived) my copy of Postmark....cant wait to get my hands on it...thanks for all the beautiful tips...i will come back to this when the travels are over...have a gorgeous day :)

Dede Warren

I completely appreciate that you're sharing your ideas, and how to make them. They are fun, and easily do-able... besides it's jsut plain nice to share! I loved when you did this at Christmas as well.

Leah C

Oh wow...I just love this windchime! I'm going to start collecting "junk" for it today:)


Wanted to let you know I received my book today and absolutely can't wait to look through it!!!

Love the wind chime....beautiful!!


Fun idea. It would be neat to see everyone's finished products......


rebecca - that is beautiful. thanks for the inspiration and idea.

Whitney Johnson

I can't wait to make one! I'll be at our cabin next week, and I'm sure to find some perfect things in the shed there...very cool.

Corina Syanovitz

oh, i love that idea! Your windchime is so pretty! Who knew old rusted locks had that in them?! Can't wait to be on the lookout for what we might have around here. :D

Melissa McCobb Hubbell

Your project reminds me so much of a windchime my grandfather made me years ago from old keys hung from a piece of wood. Unfortunately I seem to have lost grandpa's windchime over the years and house moves.. I may just have to make one of my own!



Love your new banner!


This looks like a wonderful series! I love projects that use power tools. :-)

Heather Bradley

Darn house cleaning has to take priority today...no,really, it does, I think there's a completely new animal to gather up in the hair on the floor! HOWEVER, I will be thinking about making this the whole time! It would be great to see everyone's, hope links to blogs get posted on your site, a la Michelle Ward's Street Team Challenges?


This is a beautiful project Rebecca! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!


Rebecca, this is sooo wonderful. Beautiful, simple, elegant. I love that you sued things just around your home. You are such an inspiration. xoxox Clarice


What a beautiful chime and a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.


The MAIN PARTS are together and the old dog chain I used makes it sound like a bunch of swing sets blowing in the wind. I had a moments pause when i realized this is the primary sound that my refurbished windchimes would make -even now I can hear the laughter of childrens voices as I am writing this comment and that makes my heart wonder what hope sounds like. As I was putting back the original metal heart -I decided for sure that i wanted the pink plastic dove and that got me to remembering that i have a key-chain with the Ten Commandments written on it, so i went and got that. At this point I'll wait to put anything else on it until i get a chance to hear it and see it outside. Happy happies.


I LOVE this...I'll have to give this a try!! Laurie


So stunning... so where in Australia can I buy your book :):)

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