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20 May 2008



*She throws her arm up in the air* YES! I have chickens, and I LOVE "the ladies" ;-) They are amazing bug control and this time of year we are getting an egg a day from each of them.

They follow me around as I garden, and are very dog-like if you can believe that! You should keep handling them as much as possible so they will be pets. Once grown they don't much care to be held, but will continue to hang around you and eat out of your hand etc. Mine also do a fair amount of rodent control (eeeewwww...gross but helpful, if you live in the country then you know what I mean...)

It would be fun to know what breeds you have!

karen smith

I would enjoy anything you did. I do not know what you did last christmas, but I will search for it now! Yes, yes to anything you are considering.

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

We've discussed my chickens previously. You will find my hen house on my blog header. I love my girls. They lay a rainbow of eggs every day. They free range in the day and after they go to bed (all on their own as the sun sets) we lock them up until sunrise. I enjoy watching them dust themselves. I love how excited they get when they see me or my husband. They start squawking up a storm and they follow us all over the place. They get along well with the farm cats and our pup too. Each girl has a name and she knows she will never be eaten. Just loved and admired!

www.mypetchicken.com is a great site. We ordered our chicks from here and they overnighted them from New Jersey to Texas. They arrived @ 2-3 days old. So little and so perfect.

I was hoping to get a donkey for Mom's Day. Maybe next year. Fencing issues!

Still so excited I won the first drawing!

Enjoy your babies Rebecca. They grow up soooo fast. That baby fuzz turns to feathers so rapidly.


wonderful addition to the family. Free range eggs for you to enjoy soon!


wonderful addition to the family. Free range eggs for you to enjoy soon!


Chicks are just the cutest things ever! My youngest son raised chickens and he would have them all named and tamed - even the rooster. We only have one chicken left out of the last batch that he raised. We are definitely thinking it is time to get more :)


S*W*E*E*T little chicks!


I can't tell you how excited I am about your new book. Life with my new twins has me SO busy but I finally visited your blog last night and immediately bought the book (I even blogged about it!) hee hee :) Sooo excited to receive it! Hugs my friend!


I would love to keep chickens (for eggs only of course!) but there's some weird bylaw that says I can't have them in town. Maybe I could convince dh to move to the country?

Heather Bradley

What adorable little chicks...I'm sure you can't love them too much! Can't wait to see them with ribbons and bows and nametags!


We got a bunch of chicks last summer (over 50). It's easy to fall in love with them during the fluffy stage, but just wait until they reach their ugly stage, a.k.a. molting. Yikes! When they start establishing their pecking order, that's not so pretty either. But we still love them and have names for some. They look so much alike that there are a few Maggies just to make it easier on us.

Judy in Carefree

Don't you need a rooster to get those eggs you're craving?

Julie B.

For the past few weeks at our post office they have had chicks in the back that were shipped to the seed store. I always know when there are chicks, because there's so much chirping. Of course it's nice to be friends with all the counter clerks, as they will bring the box out and let me take a peek and pet a few. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to be allowed this treat, as the owner of the seed store picks them up early for his farm clients. One of my friends who is a farm client has all her girls named old fashioned lady names, like Gertrude, Matilda, Inez, etc... I not only love the beautiful colored eggs, but I'm just crazy about the fallen feathers. I especially like the Dominiques, because of their black and white polka dotted feathers! Have Fun!

Leah C

Oh your little chicks are cute! Hope they give you lots of yummy eggs:) And I'm really looking forward to your next "crafty venture".


Oh Chickens! I gave up tv and radio completely when we got chickens, they are so much more interesting. I love to hear there sounds as they stroll across our porch past the screen door. Not sure about the holding them too much, but I did learn that Barred Rocks are much more social and not as skittish when people are near, more so than other breads. I kept wanting to make it an issue that 'if I held them more', but it turns out its in the nature of the breed. Best of luck, and they WILL inspire your art in some form or fashion!


they are so cute...and fresh eggs- yum!

Michelle B

We haven't raised chickens, but we did raise turkeys to eat for Thanksgiving one year. We didn't hold them too much, because of the attachment factor, but we did name them...Tom and Hen(rietta). Very original, huh? I believe the only thing over-loving them will do is produce a chicken that doesn't respect your space as a human. Does that make sense? She'll see you as one of them, and may tend to crowd you when you go to collect eggs. If that doesn't concern you, then feel free to love them up as much as you want. The same is true for our llamas. As babies you need to wait until they're of a certain age before handling them daily, or else you'll have a very large animal who likes to crowd you when you're around them.

Happy omelets to you!

Laurie Hellewell

Yes, definitely play away! Some chickens can become like little dogs - following you around the yard if you handle them a lot when they are young. Fresh eggs are wonderful and if you like to bake you will definitely see the difference. Enjoy!


P.S. We always name them :-)

Sheila R

I just recieved Postmark LA and my order from your etsy shop last night! Thank you! Can't put the book down and just love all the wonderful quotes and goodies!! What a pure delight that just nurtures the soul! Thank you for sharing your special time together and your creativity!


I'm eagerly awaiting my Postmark L.A. (due to arrive on Tuesday) and would love to see a Homemade series by you! You, Theresa, Pam, and the girls are so inspiring, thanks for putting the book together and sharing.



Yes, having chickens is great. Fresh eggs, are so much better than store bought. We had one rooster, thus keeping the babies coming. We had babies born on Easter morning, when we got home from church, it was great for the kids. Have fun, name them all, and cuddle all you want. Won't get to very much when they grow. But ours still came when I call them. So the cuddling does pay off.

Elizabeth Esther

Your handmade Christmas series helped me survive bedrest! So, of course I remember it! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. I love you, Rebecca Sower!


We had chickens when I was growing up. I sometimes I remember being afraid to reach under and get the eggs. We had a couple hens that didn't shoo very easy. It would take me what seemed forever to get the courage to get close and go for it! Now I feel silly thinking about it. Enjoy your chickens lucky lady. Look forward to seeing your new series.

Karen Dowd

I personally don't have chickens however I have pet sat for one! I have a friend who lives in St. Petersburg FL & a family member "found" a chicken in a tree that some kids were bothering. He brought her home (she sat on his lap like she'd done it a million times before!) and she has been with them for 3 or 4 years. She was a "free range" backyard chicken until the Hawk population discovered her - now she has a coop but longs for the free range days. She is very sociable, will follow my friend's son around the yard, loved to tease the dog next door & run up and down the fence with him. If she is loose in the yard & hears you in the kichen, she will "talk" to you for attention. Her name is Chicken or KFC or sometimes Porkchop (named by a 7 year old boy!). So - you are not crazy - they are a different sort of pet & yes, she lays 1 egg a day! Enjoy your new feathered friends! Karen

mary walmer

30 chickens?? You will have eggs coming out of your ears-we had 6 chickens and we had to give tons of eggs away-there was no way we could eat them all.They are fun though and they have such personalities-one will be timid,one very bold, one a clown,etc. One day I'd like to have them again-we have such harsh winters here and we don't have a proper coop for them so we had to give ours to a local friend with a barn.

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