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20 May 2008


mary walmer

30 chickens?? You will have eggs coming out of your ears-we had 6 chickens and we had to give tons of eggs away-there was no way we could eat them all.They are fun though and they have such personalities-one will be timid,one very bold, one a clown,etc. One day I'd like to have them again-we have such harsh winters here and we don't have a proper coop for them so we had to give ours to a local friend with a barn.

Shannon J

Awwwwww! I love little baby chicks! I did grow up with them on our farm... they were a ton of fun. Loved gathering eggs and taking care of the little chickees. I miss those days! Have fun with your new little friends, Rebecca!


Everyone seems to be getting chickens. I feel left out.I'm chickenless.I had an egg yesterday though.Does that count?

Erin Glee

We used to have chickens... I loved them! My neice got six exotic ones for her birthday number nine. She handled them so much while they were growing up, they are now fairly tame.... she still carries them around, petting them and cooing their names~it is so sweet!
"Handmade from Home" sounds fun!

Pearl Maple

Handmade from Home, how wonderful, nothing beats made by hand from home. Looking forward to it.


Oh you'll love raising chickens Rebecca! We have range-fed chickens. I have a really hard time cracking open a store-bought egg anymore! There is just no comparison.

I also have some Crested Polish hen chicks that I'm raising just for fun. There are some photos of my cute girls on my blog if you want to see them. Just scroll down to the end of April.


What a precious picture! We have raised a few chicks over the past couple of years. We now have a 3yo and two 2yo chickens who lay eggs for us every day. I just posted a blog post on them that you might enjoy peeking at: http://dailypleasures.blogspot.com/2008/05/i-went-out-this-morning-to-take.html We have loved on and handled them since day one and they still run to us for some love everytime we're outside.


I love how cute lil chicks are! S cuddly and adorable!

Kimberly Kwan

Oh my dear, I never doubted you and the probability that you were a kindred power-tool sister of mine!! LOVE a girl who can wield a hammer as well as a curing iron! :-) Your little chicks are so sweet...I hope you get colorful eggs!

Wendy Stuart

Your going to love raising chickens. I've been doing it for 2 years now and have really enjoyed my girls. They are they easiest pets I've ever had. I love the different colored eggs. Consider a rooster -to wake you in the morning.


Adorable! We had a new baby kitten born on Mother's Day. :)


We have chickens that lay us lovely eggs. My husband's fun... they're fun...we give away a ton of eggs to neighbors.


We just moved onto my sister's chicken farm with a whopping 150,000 chickens! Sadly, they do eventually become chicken nuggets, but with that many chickens at least I can't get attached to any one of them.


Oh, the memories! It was 5th grade. It was science fair time. And I wanted to hatch chicken eggs as my project. I gently broached the subject with my Mom, which of course led to a "you'll have to ask your Dad" response. I planned and plotted and schemed. And I must have hit my Dad up at one of his weakest moments in history ~ because he said "Yes". I do believe that was the sweetest word my ears had ever heard up to that point in my life! Being an engineer (an electrical engineer at that), he decided that I would have to make all the things I'd need to hatch chicken eggs. So we spent countless hours together making an incubator and a hatching light. If I close my eyes, I can still see the light, made out of a Pringles can & a 100 watt bulb! Thank you so much, Rebecca, for bringing back a memory from so many years ago. Both my parents are gone now and when memories like these come flooding back, they are such a blessing! I wish you many enjoyable hours with your chicks! Blessings, Patricia

Farm Chick

I just found your site; so cool! Crafty and farmy, a perfect mix in my book.

I have currently 18 laying hens and 20 chicks that will start laying in the fall. It is a joy and a stress all rolled into one. The fresh eggs are well worth it, though.

Enjoy your new babies!


I bought 15 chicks in early March. (See my blog) Anyway, I bought 6 pullets and the rest straight run and ended up with only one rooster, thank goodness! Some turned out to be some funny looking chickens and I have no idea what kind they are. Oh, well.
I love your blogsite!Kelly

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