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20 May 2008



Wish I could have chickens, but I live inside the city limits and that means no chickens for me.
But I do buy organic locally grown (layed) eggs.


Yes! I so loved the series you did for Christmas. Cant wait to see what you come up with for this..your creativity is inspiring! Cant wait to get the book, too! Have a blessed day =)


Alaska is my old stomping grounds - Happies to Michelle. And yes i remember the Christmas crafting from the home. Chickens...i can see you with your apron strings flying behind you low to the ground with a few of the wee ones hanging on and the other little chicks trailing behind. Joy joy to you Rebecca.


Love the peeps! And aprons... Can't wait to see what's next for you...


Sweet chicks! Congratulations to Michelle. Looking forward to see your new Handmade from Home series.



Sweet chicks! Congratulations to Michelle. Looking forward to see your new Handmade from Home series.


Denise Morrison

You are so not crazy! Here in Missoula MT. every house in town can have up to 6 chickens. Lots of people do it around here and it's relatively easy and with all those chicks you will have to sell your eggs!


I'm so jealous!


No, you're not crazy...we're thinking about it too. But we have less than an acre right now, and I think we'd be pushing it. Who knows? It took me more than a month to actually get our garden in this year with all the strange weather here in East TN. It's hard to imagine some of my friends in Portland and Denver talking about 80-90 degree weather when the hottest it has gotten here is about 75- usually it's just the reverse. Is it that way over your side of the state? [And seriously, I started laughing out loud imagining you putting ribbons on those chicks- James looked at me laughing at the computer screen like I had officially gone off the deep end.] And yay! for Handmade from Home. Can't wait to get my postmark LA book in the mail!

Whitney Johnson

Even in the heat of AZ we have chickens! Well, not me personally, but friends next door, and family, and others...
We have to be vigilant in keeping the coyotes away from them around here. The chicks are so sweet!! I love the "handmade from home" idea - can't wait to hear more. Also, can't wait to get my book!

Petra Carden

My sister just got chickens (Timberly). She's excited.

I don't necessarily want my own chickens, but I wish I knew someone close by that had chickens so I could get the fresh eggs! I do buy the free-range organic eggs from the grocery store, but you know those aren't nearly as fresh as from your own back yard!! :) (and the photo of the chicks is SO cute!)


I have new chickens too, mine are a little older than yours at 11 weeks.


Hi Rebecca,
If you are anything like me, you will absolutely love gathering still warm eggs. It is amazing and to be able to gather and cook in the same few minutes seems one of the most pleasurable things to do.

Mary Anne Drury

Such cute little gals!! I'd love to have chickens in my back yard (my friend up the street has some) .... but it's a constant battle to keep them safe from the bears around here!!

Anyhow, congratulations to Michelle! ... and to you on your book AND on your article in Somerset Life magazine (which is how I "met" you a couple of days ago) ... in fact your article inspired my most recent blog post (re: how to be creative at your kids' endless sporting events AND keep your sanity ... I'm afraid I'm far less glamorous than your approach .... but it was an "extreme" situation!!) .... come by for a blog visit sometime! ... and I'll be back often to visit you .... I LOVE your blog!!


I love my chicken "girls!" I love feeding and watering them. I put a bench in front of the coop and try to sit there often just to listen to the girls chattering . Calming and centering for me. Just to make it better, hubbies is building an art studio for me not farm from the girls house...oooh. Art and chickens! What a life!


Growing up we had chickens. They are just about the cutest thing ever when they are little peeps. I would love to have chickens today but the hubby has said NO WAY! Enjoy!


My dad and his wife (who live next door to us) have two chickens and a rescued blind rooster named Simon. My step mom didn't want them, but now, she is madly in love with them and they have become her babies!! Have fun!


Our friends also have chickens and love it!
I do remember your Christmas series and would LOVE to see another one!Thanks for the time you put into these things to inspire us, it IS appreciated.


too cute!

Diana Higgins

The other grandma has "bawkies" for our Emma. My heart just swelled up as I watched her put on her little red cowgirl boots and stomp out back to gather up the eggies in her basket. She aptly manages the wire coop fence like a wee farm girl, wrapping the coil around a bent nail. Then she strolls in the coop like she owns the place, peeking into all the nests. These memories will stay with me always. Diana


How fun! I love farms cuz ya get to have lots of fun pets. I would have to raise them for eggs only too!! Do you have any cows? Shanie ;)

Alison Gibbs

What cute little chickens. How wonderful to be able to collect your eggs each day

Sheila R

Can't wait to see what you will be cooking up in your homemade from home. Anxiously waiting for my book... it said it shipped on Monday!! Good luck with the chickens!


I wish I had chickens in my back yard. They are so cute.


I had chicks growing up I just loved them.Laurie

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