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28 April 2008


Leah C

What an adorable kitten! Love her name, too. We have three cats, so my days of bringing a cute lil' kitten home are over...for now ;)

Teresa ~ French Poppy

she's adorable, look at that sweet little face! :)



o, that face- so full of expectation and sweetness! really glad you found her- at Bernie's too. xo


How truly adorable! I'm a cat person, have 4 at home. They certainly keep us entertained. They range in age from almost 2 years to 6 years old. Love 'em like crazy; they're part of our family. "Maybelle"...what a sweet name.


She is soooo adorable - totally scrummy! Enjoy her company

liz elayne

she is so adorable!! and i just love her name!
(can't wait to see what you all have been up to...)


Be still my heart! She's SO PRECIOUS :)


P.S. Feel free to share many more pix of her :)

Petra Carden

Sooooooo cute!!!!! My kids have been begging for a kitten. :)


So, so cute! I'm also on the edge of my seat about the surprise. Please tell us soon!

Carolyn Peeler

Adorable kitten and fab photo Rebecca! (what wonderful lighting you have) Lovin' that you rescued her. I'm sure your family will enjoy Maybelle - what a sweet name!

Grace P.

you are a Teaser LOL! Can't wait to hear and see! Hugs Grace


what a sweet little baby!

Jessica Hood

what a cutie pie! so happy to see people adopting animals from bernie!

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Sweet girl! Love the name your chose---like Mother Maybelle Carter! May she live a long and pampered life. And so many adventures for a kitty in the country.

Sheila R

What a sweetie pie! Can't wait to hear what you and everyone has been up to!!

Fabulous Finds Studio

How can one resist that face? I couldn't! Love your blog..have a fabulous day!


Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Congratulations, Mom!!! She is sooo sweet looking. Enjoy!


Your kitten is so sweet! I contributed to a Fat Book which will be donated to A Place to Bark! Can't wait to hear your news!



Maybelle is so adorable and what a beautiful name.


Meow Maybelle. hasn't she got the prettiest eyes!


Oh, I wish I weren't allergic to them, because there is nothing sweeter than a kitty!!! Too cute!

CAN'T WAIT to see what you have up your sleeve. I've been (im)patiently waiting!!


I'm anxious to see what you are up to, I can only imagine it will be fabulous!

Tracy Whitney

What a sweet little face. We just rescued a stray kitty beore Christmas. Our lovely new friend's name is Pearl. She brings us joy everyday (she's kinda nutty)!


What a sweet lil face! I'd be loving that little kitty all the day long, too!

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