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20 March 2008



I love these old photos!! Something enchanting about them. Keep showing these lovely little pics. Thanks

Sharon (Glitterangel)

Oh isn't that just so lovely, you can just let your imagination go wild thinking about what their story was, so sweet!


Love the photo and your imaginative life they may have led. I just wrote about hanging laundry on the line in my own blog (debztalkin.blogspot.com). Lovely memories there! Thx for sharing these old photos; can't wait to see more!


Love this one too Rebecca! It reminds me of my Grandmother. It seemed like everyone back then looked glamorous, whether the were wealthy or not.

Leah C.

Love the photos and the stories they might tell. I find a kind of serenity when I look at old photos and ponder about them. Thanks so much for sharing and giving me another chance to daydream for awhile.


Oh my gosh....today's blog entry reminded me of running through my great grandmother's laundry that hung on the line. I'm from Kentucky and everyone used to hang their clothes out to dry. I can remember in the winter they froze and my Mom always said that made the softest clothes in the end.
I, too, hope they lived happily ever after!
Dana in Virginia

linda smith

this is exactly what i do when i look at old photos - i begin to think what happened? what was? what become of? where? and why did this pic get put in this auction bin or garage sale box or in this vintage store. who could have given up their pics. to me that is the sad thing. but i guess the good to come out of it is that now we get to appreciate them
thanks for sharing


Ohh I love the notation on the photo. So sweet. Clarice

Dede Warren

all this reminiscing over photos has me regretting the ones I passed up at the flea market last weekend. one look at a few special photos, and I had their story all figured out. for whatever reason I didn't bring them home. sad now to think of them lost a the bottom of a box in someone's dark garage.

Tracy Whitney

ahhh...*sigh** hopelessly romantic!


That is such a precious picture - thanks for sharing it with us!


what a treasure!

Alicia Sharp

I love photos like that! I got all our family photos when both my grandmas passed! I cherish them more than anything!!

kerry lynn

what a treasure.
i hope they had all of that and more!

Nancy Doren

Oh! What you wrote left me with goosebumps. Beautiful photo, beautiful "story" you matched with it.


Or maybe it was the young man's mother who had written the words on the top of the photo - 'accusing' the girl of stealing her son away from her!


I hope he patted his knee for his little boy to jump up into his lap.
that's lovely, Rebecca...so evocative, a wonderful moving picture. xoC


another lovely pic...another story to wonder about!


I love the photo...they look so happy. I love how you can see the faded buildings in the background. It's fun to imagine they're life. Thanks for sharing!
I hope that you had a wonderful Easter!

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