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01 March 2008



You are blessed indeed...
We are still bundling up in our coats, hats, scarves and mittens here in the northern yonderlands. We are getting yet another fresh covering of snow today.
We will be soooo loving the springtime when it finally arrives!

Suzanne Australia

Love that you are so in touch with nature. Living in a city you forget the fresh air that country living brings.


Lucky you. Coats, scraves hats and gloves are still the order of the day here with several inches of snow on the ground and more to come.

Enjoy your warm temps!

Shirley Fyfe

Congratulations Joy!

Sounds like you really are enjoying your weather at the moment . . . we're in for a couple of warmer days here in Victoria, Australia after a few weeks of rather cool summer weather - our boys might even be able to have a swim later today - perhaps their last one for the season!

Michelle Hart

how amazing to live in such a remote area! i live in the middle of a busy, crowded city and long for visits to upstate new york to refresh and quiet my soul. your daughter is so lovely! enjoy the spring temps...we too are getting some nice warm weather this week in new jersey :)

Petra Carden

Love the photo!

It's raining here, but the temps have risen up to the upper 40s and 50s so it's looking up. About two more months of rain to look forward to, but then it will be a piece of heaven on earth around here for several months! :)

Rhonda Steed

looooooooooooooove the photo. The colors and light are magical!

Tracy Whitney

sigh - I'm ready for some mild temps. we're still playing in our newly constructed igloo. calling for a snow storm this weekend. : (
keep sharing the spring pics - makes my heart feel BETTER!


visiting from sandra everstons blog; what a wonderful photo this is; very unique and captures a lot of the personality of the individual

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