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16 March 2008


Kathy (kjo13)

Thank you! You touched my heart with your photo and thoughts behind it. It is truly lovely and so are you.

Kathy (kjo13)

Thank you! You touched my heart with your photo and thoughts behind it. It is truly lovely and so are you.


Isn't it a bit sad that they are unknown and have no story. Maybe not tho, we can make stories up for them and give them happy stories. I love old photos!


Now THAT is a wonderful photo!!
The expression on her face is so joyful!
May I be remembered for the joy on my face...


Hey cuz! I love all your old photos and designs - I especially like how you display them onscreen with the little frames that go around and on top of your photos!

I wonder if that could be our great-great...I forget how many greats without looking it up... Roxie? I guess she actually had five kids and I don't have a photo of her smiling like that. Best not to guess though. I hope your little mystery gets found out :0)


I too wonder about the stories behind vintage pictures. This is a lovely one you have as the lady is smiling...Most of the ones I've stumbled across have these people standing looking very solemn...which has me wondering if they were unhappy. Perhaps it was just a photography style back in the days, who knows!


What a wonderful vintage photo. Great find and such a thoughtful post.


hugs and kisses to you, Rebecca and praying God's peace will wash over you like a fresh Spring rain.

Joy Jones

Hi Rebecca! What a sweet post. I LOVE old photos and collect them too. I come across so many on my antique and flea market trips that I wonder where their relatives are and why don't they have these little treasures? So, I collect "purchased relatives" and I've started using them on my website as background for my jewelry...my small way for them to live on...thanks for sharing your photos.

xoxo ~ Joy J.

Paulette Sarsfield

I have a good friend who collects nameless vintage photos. She has scrapbooked a few & has always thought she could create an entire album of a "made up" family!!! your work is beautiful.

Tammy Kay

lovely post! Beautiful photo! I enjoy your blog so much!

I have a little award for you on my blog. A bit silly but lots of meaning behind it!

Lynda ~ Hedgerow Hollow

Lucky you to see Michael Buble! His voice is so mellow. The picture is adorable! I'm always a bit sad when I find old photos like this ... I wonder who the people were and what their story was but most of all, why the photo was abandoned. It's nice to make up happy stories about these instant ancestors. ~ Lynda


I always wonder about those photos as I myself have begun to collect some of them. Maybe she was their teacher. She really does look happy, doesn't she? You often don't see that on many old photos. Thanks for sharing!


I too love old photos and probably have way too many, but I can't resist photos of people and good composition. It always makes me sad to know that someone got rid of these wonderful photos and it adds to the story of their life that I come up with as they potentially had no relatives. At least the photos that we all have are in places where they are enjoyed, a different sort of heritage than I imagine they expected when the photos were made.


Hello Rebecca,
I'm a shorty (4'11"), never thought about the height being involved with how kids relate to a person before -I was always taught that you get to their level by getting on your knees (I know, taller people may have to actually lay down on there side a little bit more), and while you are talking to them remember to have eye contact, etc. I started taking care of kids when i was twelve (1972), and stayed at it until 1988 and i have always focused on the motive of my heart, the joy i am able to give and recieve -the what i can teach and the what i can learn. Now you got me to wondering and the next time I'm at church -I'm gonna start watching and asking tall people their thoughts.
The lady in the photo has THAT smile that I think would draw the ole prune faces. Isn't that a flapper style hat? I'm wondering if she might have been a Sunday school teacher? Hugs and prayers.


What a lovely photo! It is something to think about the stories of those people in them, isn't it? I had one photo of a man, and across the bottom was handwritten "Our Country Cousin". I loved that! Conjured up a really good story for me. xo


Love that post Rebecca! Happy Day!


I was forwarded this blog entry by a close friend. She said that your entry reminded her of me. I too collect vintage photos and I make layouts, and dream of the lives that the people in the photos once lived. Such a different time in this world, and still so meaningful. Great post... ¥

come sit by my fire

I stopped by today and was so taken with your images that I read back quite a few entries. I just wanted to say, "Hello" and to thank you for the Emmerson quote in a recent post. I love the way he reminds us to "Scatter joy!" You do that. Thank you.

Peggy Vessels

Serendipity. Kismet. Fate. Whatever you choose to call it, I feel like I just experienced that here. I cherish old photos and am also interested in these peoples' stories. Recently, I made some connections with people and old photos and autograph books. Fascinating stuff. Very gratifying. In fact, I have a project I'd like to commission you to work on...it is right up your alley. I'll email you a little more about it.

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