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04 March 2008



Very much in sync with you today from the cold gray north. This time of year so makes me miss springtime in the south. I'm rushing winter out as quickly - and hopefully - as I can. I know all the talk about a time and a season for everything (blah, blah, blah!), but I am impatience personified about the time March rolls in. At least your *beautiful* photo will give me pause and a reminder to take a deeper breath. :)


Hope is the word I needed to hear today... thank you. My best friend is battling stage IV cancer and hope is our favorite word. Thank you for such a beautiful, reassuring post.

Leah C.

Perfect timing, with the perfect words. Thank you, Rebecca.


i am wishing in spring too!


Those really are some powerful lyrics. I needed to read them today. Thanks for the inspiring words :)


Love TobyMac-have to go pull out my CD. Yes, so hoping and wishing for Spring to finally arrive. Parts of our area got 12" of snow today. We we're lucky to only get a few inches. Hoping and wishing for Spring!


Lovely Post, signs of Spring are popping up all over here in my Neck of the Woods. It is like a New Beginging...


"Toby MAC, I LOVE Toby Mac!!! My kids especially love the rap his son did on the newest cd, #8 I belive. They will sing it over and over and over saying...again, again. I missed his concert when he came here, my son had surgery that morning. Maybe next time. Stellar Kart, Fireflight, Esterlyn and Bread of Stone were at our church a few weeks ago...AWESOME concert you should go if they come close to you. Now to go pull that cd out and listen some more....

Patricia Eaton

Rebecca, I read about you in Artful Blogging magazine. I chose today to read blogs and choose some of my favorites from the magazine. Yours would certainly be one of them. I am so sorry I haven't read you sooner...gosh, I might have gotten a necklace!
But, not to worry....a lovely idea on "unplugged day" will help me de-stress...I think tomorrow would be a good day...so I have already received greatly from your sharing nature. Thanks, Pat


I think you'd be really delighted by the Hope Revolution project. I've blogged about it in the past couple of days, and you can learn more at www.hoperevo.com. I *hope* you'll find it as compelling as I think you will....

Peace, and, yes, happy spring

jen davis

Ahhhhh, yes! Spring! =) We currently have about three, if not four feet of snow surrounding our house at the moment, but I am so waiting and looking forward to the first signs of it here!

Have a blessed weekend!


Love tobymac~ their message is awesome! Hope is a sentiment that has gotten me through many difficult times~ yay for the coming of spring!


I LOVE toby mac!!! Yes, spring is welcome anytime now.... It was 25 degrees in NY today :)


we have bradford pears that line the back of our property & they started blooming a few days ago. its my favorite season when i am able to look out our backwindows to a huge area full of white blossoms!


Rebecca, I love the photo of those eggs in the basket. It's about new life ... how wonderful! I can almost visualise the little birdies hatching. Pictures speak a thousand words.

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