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10 March 2008



i had heard that parts of tennessee were getting more snow. maybe this is winters final goodbye!
cute otto
beautiful quote


Such a sweet photo...what a lovely quote. There is beauty in all seasons (although, I must admit I long for spring).

Catherine M. Scanlon

Thankfully for you it will melt quickly! Here the snowbanks in our yard are like a small mountains - taller than me! I'm afraid it will be a long time before I see the flowers blooming in my yard!

Have a great day Rebecca!


Wonderful blog! I had to leave a comment when I saw your sweet chocolate lab :-} We have a black lab named Ben who still loves the snow at 11 ~ which is a good thing after the Winter we've had!


What a sweet old boy Otto is! Love that grey face!


I love all the quotes that you use.. They are
very inspiring. You really speak from your heart.. Thank you.. Also, what digital frame
do you use? I don't know anything about digital but, I would like to learn...


Beautiful quote Rebecca. I like the bit about seeing his handwriting in our faces.

Whenever I look at a face and see gentleness in the eye, then I know there is the germ of the divine. People's faces, especially their eyes tell us so much, and if we see a sparkle we know God is close by.


Otto is a handsome dog! I'm new to having a lab (yes chocolate), as I just found mine at a shelter. He has been such a delight, and I really think he is a gift from God. Thank you for posting such an encouraging and hopeful blog.


I'm sorry that it snowed, but knowing it's probably the last snowstorm should make it okay? I won't say that too loud. I remember one year not too long ago, we kept getting snow until May!! At least it melted on a daily basis too. Here's sending you warm thoughts.


What a lovely, lovely face Otto has. I want to give him a big hug!!!


We have had Gorgeous Spring Weather but have Rain and Cold front moving our way. Everyone is entitled to take a day or two off!


Love the picture of Otto!! He is adorable!! He reminds me of our chessie a bit with that curly thick coat on his shoulders!! Thanks for sharing!!
Blessings and Hugs


Thank you for the beautiful quote. My printer is, at this time, printing it for me. I had to read it from your blog twice and got chills. It will find its way onto a scrapbook page and perhaps a journal page. Thanks for the opportunity to stop and reflect--and what a beautiful time of year to do just that!

Kim Kwan

Oh that FACE!
What a sweet, sweet old man is he?! Of course he doesn't like snow...but he goes because that's where his kids are.
Golly - I'd snuggle up to that old boy any day - he's a doll! xoxo

Stacey from Crafty Creations

How do you create those awesome borders around your photos?

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