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12 March 2008



Thank You for sharing this new book with us. I am going to order one today. You are always inspiration to all that read your blog!!!!

Michelle Hart

i so enjoy reading about what inspires you. i'm not a sewer, but i love books that are truly creative, not just run of the mill, so this might become part of my collection. and all-soy candles are wonderful, thank you for the link!! have a beautiful day :)


I bought Alabama Stitch a few days ago and am reading (savoring) a chapter each night. I am from a family of women who sew. I, too, am quite impressed with it. I love my sewing machine, but this book has me quite interested in hand sewing an entire "something".


The Alabamachainin website is GREAT!
You are so bad for me - just went and ordered the book and found Lotta Jansdotter has a new book coming out on stamping with different materials. Now if I could just find TIME, lol.

Michelle Simmons

thanks for the inspiration.


Hi Rebecca -aka Sweet Angel of the good good words,
In one of my classes in jr. high we had to be able to live off the land and sew our own clothes by hand...i'm not sure i'd want to do it all the time -maybe a super small item here and there? I went visiting the links and enjoyed finding the fragrance graveyard. It's nice to find the things you've been looking for. See ya.


Thanks for the tip, looks like a great book!
Everything here looks fantastic, Lov'n those wonderful frames!
Sandra Evertson

Nicole Steele

I just discovered a great beginner sewer's book at my library yesterday. It's called "bend-the-rules sewing" by amy karol. I haven't sewn anything beyond curtains, napkins, and papercrafting projects but this book makes it look SO FUN and FRESH that I may just try the handbag! Thanks for sharing your discoveries with your blog readers!


Love the color of that candle! I bet it smells wonderful. Thanks for the book review too. Hope you have a happy day!

Whitney Johnson

I'm so thrilled to see your book suggestion. I love using (repurposing) t-shirts. I cut the silk screened letters off of them and sew words with the letters onto new shirts (I call 'em "scrap shirts"). So, I have a rather large bag of left-over-cut-into shirts that I can't bear to throw away (seems so wasteful). Now I'm sure I'll find some good use for them! I'm really excited! (I just ordered the book :))
Thanks so much for sharing... Whitney


My 17 yr. old (a very accomplished seamstress) and I picked up Alabama Stitch Book at B&N the other day and flipped through it. Thanks for reminding me of it. We definetly need to purchase it!

Donna Salazar

Hi Rebecca... Just wanted to let you know that I've presented you with the "You Make My Day" award over at my blog. Hugs ~D~

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