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24 February 2008



wow- you made all that in 1 day- go girl- singing and skipping love jo.


Thank you so much for the idea. I think we will be practicing more unplugged days, especially since the weather is improving. My day also didn't go as planned but it was a start to getting us doing "other" things. I may even start crossing stuff off my bucket list.
Take care


I didn't get to disconnect this past weekend due to work issues. But look out Friday at 3 p.m. until Sunday morning! Disconnecting!


cameron churdar

i was sick for two days--does this count?--and i SLEPT! best unplugged days i'll ever, ever have! i feel so much better.


I'm with you... disconnecting helps me "connect" more with my life, my brain, my heart.
Clifford Stoll has written some interesting books about how technology is supposed to "free" our time, but really just eats it up like a greedy monster.


This reminds me of something that has been troubling me a great deal lately. I have noticed so many people so preoccupied with their cell phones, PDA's, whatever!!! They are completely negligant of the very person that they are WITH in person!!!
One day at a movie theatre with my own daughter (she is 27) I pointed this out to her....this man (apparantly the dad) was consistently on his phone and then he would begin texting....the young boy that was apparantly his son (probably 16 years old) just stood there looking kind of forlorn. It really broke my heart!! I conitnued to notice them as they found their seats, the dads phone was lit up as he continued his preoccupation with his phone, completely disregarding the young man sitting beside him..........ONe day I venture to think, this very dad will wonder why he has a lack of communication with his son.
It is a sad testament of our world today...one that disturbs me quite a bit!
Okay, I am going to step off of my soap box now. Thing is, I am not generally a judgemental & opinionated person...but this issue really seems to be stealing those precious moments that I fear many do not even seem to realize just how valuable and priceless they are!!!!
So I say, YES, unplug for the day....I will join you all in this endeavor and do my best to fill my thoughts with God and my family and to actually hear His voice speaking to me. We think He does not speak to us, but the truth is we are not turning off the noise in our world in order to hear Him.
Thank you Rebecca for doing what you do so well......inpsiring us/ME and provoking thought and change in our own lillt worlds.
You are a precious blessing each time I read your words.
I began my love of all things Rebecca Sower when I would faithfully turn directly to your coloumn on CK magazine monthly to see what you had to say.......it was always compelling and inspirational!
I have missed those articles and was happy to find your blog!
Blessings and love to you!

Donna Salazar

I'm so addicted that I find it difficult to unplug. I remember reading books, drawing more, painting the day away and never a care about keeping my blog updated or checking this board or that. I seriously need to force myself to unplug. You've inspired me to do it... now let's just see if I can! lol.
Hugs ~D~

Sharyn (Torm)

My day didn't go so well either - I had good intentions but. well. I'll try again.

Here is what I did accomplish tho...



On my unplugged day, I didn't create art, but I did create organization of art stuff. Recently we moved across country and although I had done most of the unpacking and placing, there still were a few stray boxes of essential art tools and bits in the basement to be unpacked "later". Later turned out to be my unplugged day. So now all my supplies surround my work space and I am ready to create anew. Thanks for the reminder to "do" instead of to "read about".


My unplugged day was almost unplugged (I kept the slowcooker going with dinner, LOL!). We all had waffles for breakfast, and then the kiddos and daddy went off to Nana's. DH came home of course! :) So we had the house all to ourselves- a much needed break with four young ones. James puttered, and I worked on a canvas for our living room. It's not quite done, but I am really pleased with it. It's the first time I've done something like that in a 'non-scrapbooking' kind of way. I could not believe how much quieter of mind I was even after the kids returned...it was a spot of peace I've been carrying with me since Saturday! :)


Rebecca, thank you so much for inspiring me to "unplug" for a day. After reading your post the other day, I felt like I needed to do something like that and I blogged about it. The day of the "disconnect" I had no plans in mind maybe just to spend more time with my preschooler, do some chores I like and plan a fancy meal for my family. I plan on changing the things I do next time I unplug and hopefully next time it will be more "creative and artistic".

Diana Dellos

oh, I love this!!!! I just found your blog, thanks to Ali Edwards post today. I hope you do this again next week . . . I'm there! Great idea and good for you for sticking to it!

Mary Buchanan

I have found that my unplugged time is best in the morning I had gotten into the habit of catching up on emails etc in the AM while I drink my coffee... then the dogs came into our lives and they like to "investigate" my coffee cup. Two near disasters with coffee and computers in the same sentence and I've gone back to morning pages and writing by hand in my journal, much better for my head and the computer!Mary


Hi Rebecca, I unplugged on Thursday and it was best day I have had in a long time.
I scrapped 3 layouts, played with my daughter and read my book.

I am going to do it every Thursday as I enjoyed it so much. I blooged about it on my blog.


OK i can't even breathe my heart is racing so fast....I just came over from FLICKR. Your art and photos are to die for! Who needs coffee in the morning...they just need to come here! Thank you for sharing...



I share your sentiment on disconnecting... and you did make good use of the time creating those gorgeous jewelry. Time well spent truly!
Congratulations on this achievement and thank you for sharing this sentiment with others.

Chat soon, Adla

Deryn Mentock

It's refreshing to hear someone say that making jewelry is harder than it looks. Talented artists like Amy make it look easy but, of course, there's more to it. Your pieces look lovely!

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