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24 February 2008


Carolyn Peeler

So glad to hear that your 'disconnect' ironically helped you to 'connect' with your inner self. Looks like you created some beautiful handcrafts :)


Hey Rebecca! From what I can tell the necklaces look great! I am a jewelry artisan myself and really appreciate and know the beauty and work involved. I sell on etsy as well. :) Shout out!

Glad to hear your day went well. I think tomorrow is our day to give this a try.

l wright

We had an unplugged day last week but by accident. I lost my son in one of the big supermarkets. It shook us both up so when we got home we declared it "our time" I turned off my mobile and we spent the afternoon "unplugged". We made choc cake and caught fairies in ajar!
I have a little ornament which is a jam jar and it has a fairy in it which is not allowed to escape. We got some jam jars, then decorated playmobile figures using cut up bandages and PVA glue, added feather wings. Then when it was safley in the jar we put in craft sprinkles (sequins). It was all my 8 year olds idea and we are going to make them again as presents. It was a great day and made me realise we all need thses days.


I must try this. Lately when I wake up, the first thing I do after letting the dogs out and making a pot of coffee, is check my email. I am an interior designer working from home, and I am starting to feel a sense of dread every time I pass by the computer -- it's one more thing that sucks the time and the life out of me lately. It will take a bit of bravery to disconnect, but I think I can do it. Definitely am going to try. I need to be connected to something bigger, better and more personal than cyberspace. I need to be connected to me and to other human beings.

It's funny that you mention a handwritten letter... I was just thinking about that over the weekend. I used to be a voracious letter writer... but now I can't remember the last time I put pen to paper for that purpose. Thank you for the nudge and the inspiration...


ok...tried to unplug, but when you have a snow day or delay and no cable...the internet is my connection. so instead...i found myself creating a digi LO! go figure! still happy to create! and oh, yeah,i have to be on the computer everyday to generate material for a class that i teach! i will be so glad when this semester is over!!
on a brighter note...i have been having an awesome time with God in the AM so that makes up for my lack of creativity time!!
blessings to you this week!


thanks for sharing your story & really part of your heart too.
i would love to see more of your jewelry creations!
i meant to tell you, the day i did my disconnecting ( i posted on the prior entry) i also, finally finished two of the little etsy kits of yours i ordered quite some time ago--yippie!


I had an "unplugged" day by accident...I work in musical theatre and arts education. This week we are in the theatre producing the show "The Quiltmaker's Gift" for young and family audiences. Usually we have WiFi in the theatre and I can keep on top of my e-mail, send out press releases, and whatnot while sitting at the piano performing and directing during rehearsal. This week the WiFi went out. At first I was sure my world was ending and I kept focusing on all of the things I was not finishing (similar to a few experiences written about here! :) )

After a while, though, just as you shared in your experience, I became more fully immersed in the art developing right there in front of my eyes and with my wonderful cast of actors and singers. It was one of the most productive rehearsals we had...and I haven't brought my computer in for the rest of the week!

This morning I plan to make some coffee and write a letter to my dear friend in New Orleans.

Thanks for the reminders--blessings!

Linda Shields

Oooh, now you've gone and inspired me to give this fangdangled idea a try. This week! I used to have a girlfriend's get together once/month for us to just sit and work on our own projects, but it turned out that I never got to work on anything at all while hosting the event. Can't wait to give this a try; thanks!


I love this idea, but seems like something that could never happen in my household! I think I would wind up as the only unplugged member of the household. Love the beautiful necklaces, and how lucky that you got to meet Amy!!!

Teresa ~ French Poppy

My unplugged day was on Tuesday and it was wonderful. I too vowed to do it again this week, honestly I want to do it once a week. I really got a lot accomplished and a lot of reflecting done, and honestly even some good old fashioned conversations with those around me, without my nose being stuck on my computer! It was great!!



This was a great idea and I very much enjoyed the process. While I must confees I was not "totally unplugged", I did manage to eek out some time and just create. So, thank you for the idea and inspiration.

melissa @ the inspired room

Hi Rebecca, I can totally relate to how you feel, being disconnected is divine. I unplugged this weekend and while I was sick with flu so it wasn't exactly the same as I had imagined, I still enjoyed just being alone with my thoughts! The computer does suck the thoughts right out of your head and just feeds you ideas. I really enjoyed have the uninterrupted time. While I adore all my blog friends, and absolutely have to be connected for my design work, there is definitely something to be said about shutting out the world at times. I completely understand what Alexandra Stoddard was saying about too much connection being not good. It is not the connection that is a problem, it is TOO MUCH of it constantly through the day or feeling compelled to start our days by connecting to the world rather than to our own thoughts and with time alone with God. We miss out on so much by over-connection.



Hi Rebecca,
My unplugged day was Tuesday and I liked it so much that I spent less time on the computer for the rest of the week.
Seeing tangible results of time spent is so valuable for me. By spending less time plugged in this is what I accomplished in my spare time...
- sewed a set of curtains for the guest room
- painted the guest room closet
- cleaned out and reorganized the linen closet
- made four sets of note cards for future gifts
- made a spring banner
- read a book
- did some serious thinking and journaling about goals and dreams and how to put them into place

Thank you for this challenge. It's something I hope to continue throughout my weeks. Although I'm a writer and spend a lot of time on the computer, I also need to spend time reading and thinking. Being creative with my hands stimulates my brain as well.



love the idea of an unplugged day! i'm going to give it a whirl...it may be just what i need! xoxo


Wow! A lot happens when you go away for the weekend and don't check on blogs!! Unplugged...hhmmmmm, what a concept! I like it! But how do I unplug when 5 kids, a husband, homeschooling and just normal day stuff needs to be done! I haven't quite figured that part out! But I'm going to really try and carve out a little time this week! Great inspiration! Thanks Rebecca!


Hey Sweet Angel...remember, that most artistic disasters can be used -I'm thinking that the soldering pieces might be put with some twigs and wrapped with floss and then sewn onto a "whatever" piece of something??? My chosen day was Tuesday and it didn't end up as i had planned...boy, have I got a lot to say!!! Looking back over this last week (Sunday thur Saturday), I have accomplished many creative things during my "bits and pieces" of creative time -each day was good (even though some of those days were more balanced with other parts of my life), from making paper to mounting a couple of ATC's(which now hang from their own little stand -a 32oz Hydrogen Peroxide bottle),to creating a layout, more paper and a tag swap that as a Saturday is in the mail...also keeping up with where I go for my creative "muse" and realizing once again that this is all a process. Thank you!


Hi Rebecaa, I am so happy that I tried out the unplugged day. I really needed to, I learned a lot. Just like you that all the online stuff can wait for a day! I blogged about my experience here http://callaloosoupdesigns.blogspot.com/2008/02/results.html

Shannon J

Sounds like we had a similar kind of start to the unplugged day! I just had to let go of those silly expectations we come up with! In the end, it was a wonderful day- all without any computer, phone, and tv to suck up every REAL creative moment! ;) The best time spent was with my kids, making fleece no-sew blankets. We all had a great time! And now, I even have cards ready to send out for the next birthday or thank you! Loved this idea and thank you so much for suggesting it!


Lynda ~ Hedgerow Hollow

Thanks to your inspiration, I not only unplugged yesterday but I'm making the committment to limit the time I spend online everday. I'll allow myself an hour or two (depending on the day) and will continue to keep Sundays as my unplugged day. Since Friday, I made a shelf for my studio from a piece of wood I found in the basement, worked on my various journals, tried some new paper techniques (not quite successfully), read a short story and daydreamed! I feel soooo much more relaxed and my creative muse has returned. I'm determined not to let technology take over my life.

Wendy WendtVanGuilder

I tried this once on a day that I wasn't at work and my kids didn't have school. It was really a great day. They even said I was more fun when I didn't run and chk my emails or when "daddy" wasn't texting me. I will have to make a conscious effort to do it again soon. Your day sounds so inspiring! Good for you.

Petra Carden

I so need to do this. The pressure of my 'way too full' inbox, and keeping up with my blog/photo-a-day page, etc... it sometimes overwhelming and I want to just practice kickboxing on my laptop. I think if it comes to that - it's probably time to turn it off for a while. lol!

Deborah P

Thanks for following up on this - I'd read the previous post, thought it was a great idea, and then promptly forgot about it. It's not hard for me to 'unplug' the computer in the evenings because I'm sitting in front of it all day, but the television? That's a whole 'nother story! So this evening, I'm going to do it - thanks again for the inspiration!


great idea!
you inspire me to be better!

Alissa Millsap

my unplug day was thursday....and i loved it! i go some table decorations done for a salad luncheon, as well as a banner made. i am going to try to get at least one day to unplug. thank you so much for the idea. btw, i have to say that i LOVE your jewelry!


My unplugged day--Saturday. As both the kids were off doing things with friends, I knocked around with my husband. We ran errands, enjoyed lunch out, enjoyed each others company and I even had time to come home a sort through some embroidery patterns and transfer one to a towel that is waiting to be stitched. Ahhhh!


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