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08 February 2008


sharyn (torm)

you tease, with that mention of a challenge..I'm all curious now.

have a safe and wonderful time at CHA


cant wait to hear how it all goes!
keep me in the loop on your "idea"! cant wait!
have fun this weekend

jen davis

Excited to hear about what you are thinking about, have a wonderful time at the show!


safe trip! can't wait to see you ...and whatever awesome sweetness is in that adorable little round tin! xo


have a great trip! eagerly awaiting your challenge when you return...cheers...

carol wingert

Hope to see you at the show!
It's so much more fun when you're not tied to a booth. I just have 1.5 hours a day to demo and the rest is play time! Yay!


Silly and Cheesy are some times wonderfully needed...I can just see them in there very own plastic buck teeth! Have fun. Happy happies


oh wowzers...those are some mighty pretty tins I see! Can't wait to see you next week!


Have a great time at CHA and with the girls! And don't worry about your Valentine contribution: I'm sure the gals will really appreciate your.......piece of heart-shaped cheese?...LOL....

Looking forward to hearing your news when you get back. Happy Trails :)

Petra Carden

Have fun in LA, and be safe! Sounds like a blast of a trip... can I come?! :)

Sheila R

Have a wonderful time at the show. You have peeked my curiosity on your challange. Can't wait to see....


Have a safe trip, Rebecca! Enjoy your time there! Those Valentine's look beautiful! I can't wait to hear about that challenge! Blessings to you!


Oh, the intrigue. I'll check back to see what challenge you have on tap.


have fun at CHA. time with husband and then girlfriends - sounds like you have the best of both worlds. can't wait til next weekend - sounds exciting.


Enjoy your Valentine's Day, those tins are gorgeous!


The weather out here has been exceptionally beautiful the last few days. I'm sure it'll be lovely while you're here. Have fun!

Rhonda Markham

Hope your trip was lovely and satisfying. Just a quick note to say I picked up the latest Artful Blogging edition mostly to read your contribution (my favorite of the bunch--is it at least partially because we're practically neighbors? Because we both feel supremely blessed to be able to look out from our porches to the sweet rolling fields of middle Tennessee with no houses in sight?). I so admire your gentleness of spirit, and the generosity with which you share it. Thank you.


Okay, now you have my interest! I will wait patiently! Have a blessed day! Roben-Marie :)


Have a wonderful time Rebecca! Happy Valentine's Day too! I'm excited to hear/see what your challenge will be when you return!... xo natalea


Enjoy your time at CHA...can't wait to see whats in store for next week :)


Hi there!
I'm popping in to say hello and tell you how much I enjoyed reading your article in the latest Artful Blogging magazine. What you wrote about your style of blogging, for example, not writing about what you had for breakfast was right on! I feel the same way and do my best to keep my blog professional, about art and the things I love but not go too deep. I also loved reading how you are doing your best to bring handmade items in your home and support all the wonderful artisans aroud the world. It's a lovely thing to do.

Have a wonderful time at CHA. I haven't been since it was called HIA!

I'll definitely be back and will look forward to more exciting posts.

Take care,

Los Angeles, CA

linda smith

this is off of the subject of cha and art and scraping and all of that but i was looking at the old pic on your blog header and i noticed something - who is the cute guy on the back row?


Dear Rebecca,
in the newest "Artful Blogging" I saw your beautiful tags with buttons on circles of coulered paper and adored them. With this idea on my mind, I created an AMC with a button on circles of fabric. When I posted a photo on my blog, I told my readers about your lovely tags, that had inspired me. Thank you for sharing.
Take care

Mary Ann

such curiousity I'm feeling!
can't wait to find out.

Alissa Millsap

I hope that you had a great time at CHA! i am curious as to what you have in store next week!

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