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26 February 2008



The quote feels so right and is a whole new way of thinking about patience for me. I know I will need to think about it more, which is part of why I always love visiting your blog. Good stuff to think about, and cyberland is definitely warmer with you in it. Thanks for sharing (and for sharing the beautiful necklace)!

Danielle Muller

lovely lovely post. God grant us all a little more patience. thanks for sharing!



Found your blog recently and your book Scrapbooking Life's Little Moments in my mail yesterday... and have been SO inspired. Such a visual feast. Went right to work last night putting together a page full of layered fabric goodness!!


I so look forward to your posts and anything you publish in various magazines. You've been an inspiration since I first took one of your classes at a Nashville scrapbook convention. You've inspired me to step outside my box of scrapbooking and venture into the art world. (Loving it!) It's rainy here in Memphis (sigh)...makes me want to go home and unplug again.


I do have a sweet,old friend that I have been taking for granted and I think I'll go call her right now!Thanks for the reminder.


Lovely necklace - I am sure any of us would be proud to own it.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your creativity with us - you truly are inspiting

Thank you


Rebecca, thank you for your uplifting, thought-provoking posts! This past week I had a rough time and my best friend was there for me consistenly through it all, which got me thinking on the same note...about friends and how very important they are, and what they add to my life. Thank you for your continual gentle reminders about what's important! Lovely necklace...sweet of you to offer it. xox natalea

Trish D

That's a wonderful quote - it's definitely going to be finding its way into my space. The necklace is lovely!!


Thank you for the inspiration regarding patience. How did you know I could use that?? Haven't had my breakthrough yet, but am hopeful it is just on the horizon. All the best. LindaSonia

tracy rizzo

"Every person in this life has something to teach me, and as soon as I accept that, I open myself to truly listening.
-Catherine Doucette


OMG!!! Are you kidding??? Sign me up for the drawing right away!!! The photo of this necklace is amazing, so I can just imagine how good it looks in real life! Thanks for all your great ideas and messages...they really make me stop and think about what is important. Thanks!!!

Alisa Noble

I made two attempts to disconnect. Not a complete success, but I did get some art time. Here's the link where I blogged about it.
I made an accidental attempt yesterday and did much better. Of course the only reason this happened was because being the computer savvy girl that I am, I somehow disconnected the internet connection and had to wait until my husband came home from work to fix it!


Okay - so everything you touch becomes magically wonderful. I love it. Thank you for sharing your 'magic'.

Alicia Sharp

I am so glad to have met you through here. You are amazing at all you do! I would be blessed to have your necklace! Love it!

Melanie aka ScrapMel

I can't quite disconnect yet - not ready for that - since most of my creativity is done using my computer - though the downfall is all the distractions! Gorgeous necklace - wow, I would love a tenth of your 'stash'!

Jen Heuston

I took the time to look at your blog after reading about it on Artful Blogging. It is lovely and inspiring and I have greatly enjoyed my time here!

Dede Warren

Patience is something I too need more of... and part of that might be helped if I unplugged more. My biggest obstacle to that is my laptop. Thanks for these gentle reminders that nudge me in the right direction.


boy, did I need to hear that this morning! Thanks again, as usual.


You are such a sweetie!
Last week I was thinking about making jewelry then saw on your blog where you had been making some - small world I tell ya! Your piece is beautiful. Maybe one day I'll try it but I can only have one pricey hobby at a time so I guess it's just scrapping for now! {{HUGS!}}

Liz Taylor

as always you continue to inspire me with your words and creativity, thanks!


the necklace is beautiful and you are so sweet. thanks for continuing to inspire us all. have a wonderful day!!


Sometimes I feel like I'm sitting in God's waiting room and I don't know what I'm really waiting for. But I can trust because I know that God is in the room with me, sitting "long" beside me.
Beth Moore's studies challenge and inspire me. And this weekend she's going to be in Vancouver, and I'm going to see her. I'm really looking forward to it.


Hey Sweet Angel of the good good words,
Couldn't help but think about this poem in regards to our creative juices -how somethings connect more easily then others -how amazing is it that our unfinished projects and those we haven't even begun wait with patience for us to return or to begin. How long has that key been waiting with patience with words to speak through your hands? How many days or weeks or months did that key have to sit in the visual to become tactile? I have to tell you that I'm not always happy sitting knee deep in patience -I continue to learn that beauty DOES come from patience. Here's two words put together: Creative Patience -and adding four more...a capacity for comprehension. You mentioned the word rhythm yesterday and i got to remembering how I used to hate when my teacher would bring out the metronome (and having to repeat "this was made to mark exact time by a regularly repeated tick"),and of course when you add the definition of the word rhythm to the pot (an ordered recurrent alternation of strong and weak elements in the flow of sound and silence in speech and all that other stuff -accents, meters, tempo and fluctuation), well -you put that together with the word patience and maybe, just maybe you come up with the thought that like the metronome, patience is that regularly repeated tick that we need to have running in all areas of our lives so that we can have the capacity for comprehension. I'm not going to wish you a happy rest of the week...I'm going striaght to HOPING YOU A HAPPY REST OF THE WEEK.


can I tell you how much I love to visit you each morning before the start of my day?
You inspire me to try harder in all aspects of life

Leah C.

Dear Rebecca...as always, thank you for the words & the inspiration. The necklace is beautiful;someone will be very lucky to receive it.

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