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26 February 2008



I always look forward to reading your latest post. It's such a joy to read as I, too, continue to try to live a life of Grace.


I just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago. I've been trying hard to "disconnect" from the computer and spend more time with my friends and family. Thanks for the reminder. :-)
The necklace is beautiful btw.

Alissa Millsap

patience is something i am tring to work on myself. i keep forgetting that it is the little things in life that are worth living for. thanks for the reminder. byw, beautiful necklace!

Tracy Schmitt

I check daily for your posts and always feel so inspired. I am trying your "inspiration" on disconnecting today so I can finish some creative projects. I have recently been enjoying your your first book again(dogearred and well loved)...it is an all time favorite for sure. Your necklace is absolutely beautiful.


You are such an inspiration! I was just reading Somerset Life, and trying to get my own inspiration back, and seeing your necklace has set me in the right direction. Thanks for sharing!


your warm, tender heart speaks with every word that you type!
you are such a blessing to me!


I have some of those rare friends. I have been taking them for granted lately and have been very ungrateful for them. Time to change my attitude. I have been inspired by your beautiful journal creations and have decided to make one that is for writing what I am thankful for. So when I am ungrateful I can look at what I have to be grateful for and remeber once again how far God has brought me. Have a great week ;)


I cannot disconnect so I won't even try but I love the fact that you're inspiring others to try and inspire through your art. Love to read your posts and see all the lovely things you make like this necklace. grts, D@nielle


What a beautiful necklace! I like how you made it thinking of your friends both real and "virtual".....reminds me of a prayer shawl. :-) Rosie


You are such an inspiration to me. I love that you are trying new things with jewelry. Of course it looks just as perfect as everything else you make. smiles :)


Oh I love this quote (I love Beth Moore), I so need to hear this. I really struggle with patience and have very little of it
:-) Clarice


Just recently started reading your blog - love it! The quotes you share are truly inspiring. Thanks!

beth l


this quote made me smile this morning. it seemed to be just what i needed to hear.

thank you! and i think your idea about starting a faith blog is a lovely idea. i would definitly read it. give it some more thought, 'k?

beth in indiana


I love the fact that you challenge us (you
included) to be a better person! Thank you!


Thank you for continuing to inspire!


I love your quote. Thanks for inspiring me. Love the necklace. I love to read all your posts.


I was directed to your blog a few weeks ago and I find it so inspiring (visually too!). Thank you!

Sharon F.

it seems that just when I need a bit of inspiration, I read your blog and there it is. I am struggling with patience at the moment...I did not even know it...could tell I had an inner struggle, but after reading this quote realized I am impatient and have to relax and wait..it will all be ok and stop worrying about what is to come.
Love this necklace and your thoughts on cherishing old friends. I too am in a mode of not wanting to take friendships for granted. When we all get so busy that can be the first to get lost. A shout out to all friends today!
sharon f
oakland, ca


that's a fabulous quote - couldn't have come at a better time.

thanks for continuing to inspire us!

kerry lynn

you amaze me with everything you create rebecca. this is simple and beautiful!

tc sheeley

Beautiful necklace Rebecca. While I am sitting here with the flu, now would be a good time to go listen to one of Beth Moore's online studies. I haven't visited her in awhile. You have sent me great inspiration with your words today. Thanks for always showing your light Rebecca!



sweet rebecca-- i know you teter toter back & forth with balance....balance of your time, balance of your talents, etc.
but i do love it when you do swing over & blog--i love coming here whether it be for spiritual inspiration or creative inspiration. visiting here is a gift i don't take for granted.
thanks for inspiring us to be well rounded, grounded & loving women.
you are awesome


Hi Rebecca,

Just finished "100 things" layout highlighted in one of your books. Guess I needed to scrap something about me lately - loved how it came out, loved the content and what it says about my life right now. In my house it is called "oh no electronics day" and yes it is abided by both Mom and Dad too. I think we struggle more than the kids do!! Happy day.

Dianne, Boston, MA


I love the idea of "sitting long in what we have." It speaks to patience, but also to appreciation and gratitude. I will be adding these words to my quote book.
Thank you. Stacey


You are always an inspiration to all who read your blog. Thanks Rebecca!

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