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06 February 2008


Signe Nagly

Dear Rebecca, (all the way from Denmark, Europe) - I have to send your an amazing Thank You. I have been following your blog and shop and the recent article in Artfull Blogging made me finanly see "clearly". You have opened my eyes to the fact that art and inner creativity is truly amazing. And to the fact that one does´nt have to have a masters degree in art to become an artist by heart. Thanks for being you and speaking the words that we sometimes need to hear to understand and to dare.

linda smith

rebecca - i'm a little disappointed in target. i went to town (for us a major city is 2 hours away) and i was so excited because i planned on picking up the artful blogging mag. well i didn't have time to go to a book store so since i was shopping at target i thought i'd just get it there plus pick up a somerset mag. unfortunately target didn't carry any stampington mags. so i'll just have to wait until next week when we go back to the front range for some dr's appts.
also thank you so much for your kind words. it was so thoughtful of you to take time out to write to me.
thanks again for all you do
PS don't know if I've told you this but 'Life's Little Treasures' - my fav book!

melissa @ the inspired room

Hey Rebecca! Yes, finally got that lovely photo and comment posted! It looks so beautiful and your quote was PERFECT! I absolutely love it! I decided to mix your post in with Alexandra Stoddard (good company, but I hope you don't mind the combo!)! You are a girl after my own heart, I am so glad you are a part of the Inspiration Week!

Thanks so much for the sweet contribution!


I hope you stayed safe last night.

Sheri (Shay)

I picked up the new Artful Blogging magazine.
Your article is amazing and insightful.Out of all the featured bloggers yours really spoke to me. Thank You !!!
Nice to find you,I will bookmark you.
Shay aka "The Designer Junk Finder"

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Rebecca -
I read about you on Melissa's blog and had to stop over to say hello. Your blog is new to me and I have not yet read about your write up, but will need to go buy myself a copy - for sure!

I will also have to go through your blog and do some reading.


Rhonda Steed

ooh i haven't heard of that magazine before but it looks AWESOME!!!


Rebecca - I just picked up my first issue of Artful Blogging and was so tickled to see you in there! Congratulations! I love your blog.
Gayle UT

Teresa ~ French Poppy

Hi Rebecca,
I just received a copy of Artful Blogger yesterday, and enjoyed your article. Your creations were captured really well, and it was just all very inspiring! I am glad you were able to share your words, I for one am thankful for your honesty and integrity you represent for so many artist.



I look forward to seeing this publication! I know it will be GOOD!
Hope all is well in your neck of the Tennessee woods.


Dear Rebecca, thank you for sharing a beautiful place over at The Inspired Room! I loved the first issue of Artful Blogging and have been counting the days until I can purchase the new one! Now I have another reason to hurry--I look forward to reading about you! Best, Kathy


can't wait to pick up a copy!
congrats rebecca


Congratulation, but you deserve it. Kim

Tracy Whitney

Note to self:
Thou shall not covet they neighbor's new, large monitor. lol!

Also, thanks for sharing the link to the pisoneer woman's recipe blog. I think I gained 5 lbs. just perusing. Yummmmmm...


Hey there!

I'm new to your site after reading/drooling over your pages in the Artful Blogging magazine.

Very dishy! You must be thrilled. ;)


The feature looked very nice. Of course I was excited because I already visited and know how inspirational you are! Incase your interested, I'm having a small give away to celebrate my first year blogging.


I very much enjoyed your article in ARTFUL

jen davis

I'll have to get a copy of that for sure now that I know you're in it! =) Congrats on the new computer moniter too!

Whitney Johnson

I loved your article in Artful Blogging! I wish that I could "sit down and have a chat" with you, because your art and style (evident in your blog) really inspired me to be brave and start creating all of the things that I've been dreaming of. I need a mentor!! I'm just a beginner (well, not really, because creativity is kind of a lifestyle) in the world of crafting, etsy, somerset magazines, etc., and I can't describe how I feel that I've "come home". Well, thanks for opening your life to us beginners - it is so generous.

julie collings

hi rebecca,
my copy of artful blogging finally came this week! i thought i might expire waiting. i was thrilled to see your blog featured, your photographs have so many lovely textures and details. i gazed at your vintage hat collection, sumptuous ribbons, and such lovely stitches. your life indeed is lovely.
xo julie

Linda Hartong

Rebecca - I found you blog through the wonderful article on you in Artful Blogging. I post photos on flickr - but you are the FIRST blog I have visited. I will return. Enjoy your "unplugged" day.


Loved your work in Artful Blogging. Karen


I found your amazing work through the Artful Blogging article ~ am adding you to my sidebar...

Jeanne Selep

I bought this book which is how I found your blog. Your's was the blog I most wanted to follow after reading this book. You have a very beautiful and inspirational blog.

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