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07 February 2008


Tracy Schmitt

I am reading this post from Colorado and am so sorry for the devastation you are all dealing with...you will all remain in our prayers.

Your post this morning was so amazing for me to read...a friend of mine (age mid 30's) died early this morning after battling cancer for 4 years. She leaves behind 3 young daughters and her husband...reading this has helped me so much as I grieve for my friend. I wanted to thank you for the difference you made to my day.

linda smith

a friend of mine, her daughter lives just 13 miles from where one of the tornados hit. i read her blog this morning and was glad to hear that she and her family are all safe. she has an amazing pic on her blog. if you would like to visit it you can go to vanessacovington.blogspot.com
also i'm glad to hear that you and yours are okay too. the quote you gave was perfect for these times.


So true. Hope is a precious commodity, and it is what the sufferers need most.....as well as our prayers :)


What a beautiful quote, Rebecca. I'm in Franklin and it was a very scary night. One of the tornadoes hit not too far from the house we are building. It's just so sad to see the devastation that they cause and to see people suffering. I continue to pray for them all. I love your beautiful words and work, Rebecca. I don't often post as much as I would like, but I'm reading and I thank you for the inspiration. God bless.


what a scary time that reminds me how fragile life is and how powerful our God is!
Blessings to you for your safety and prayers to you and your friends in the aftermath of the storms.
Love In Christ,


It was just heartbreaking watching the news clips of the total devistation some of those suffered. I can't imagine losing everything. I'm from Kentucky and my Grandmother used to say that life can be snuffed out in a blink of an eye. I used to secretly roll my eyes when she said it but at 51 I know all too well the truth to her words.

Petra Carden

I'm glad to hear you are all okay - as far as I know, all my friends and family are well (still haven't heard from a few, but I'm assuming no news is good news). :)
That's a great quote - love it!

Leah C.

So glad to hear that you & your family are okay; but, saddened by the news of lives lost and all the devastation. Thank you for the quote...reminds us all how important hope is.


Thank you for your sweet posting. This is kind of random, but could you sometime post pictures of your home? I'd love to see how you decorate it.


I live in Horn Lake,MS and somehow the tornadoes skirted around us to the east and west. My neighbor across the street says that she saw a funnel begin to form and then go back up and move on. I was pacing from the front windows to the back windows - checking the sky every few seconds, but I missed this apparently. We are so very lucky, but many were not.


Nashville? Being here in Crossville, I will definitely read you with even more attentiveness! Maybe I knew that once, but I forget things so easily these days! Nashville is a FABULOUS city, IMO.

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